Keeping Glass Showers Hard Water-Free

Glass is a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean material, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms. However, when you have hard water, glass can eventually go from crystal clear to cloudy and stained. That’s why keeping your glass shower hard water-free is important.

Why does hard water affect glass? How do you know if you have hard water? How can you keep your shower looking sparkling and new? Today, we’re answering these common questions. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Hard Water, and Why Does It Affect Glass?

The water that comes out of your shower head and faucets flows through rocks and soil. Along the way, it dissolves and picks up minerals from the rocks and soil.

When water has high levels of the minerals calcium and magnesium, it’s considered “hard.”

It’s these minerals that can cause glass to become spotted, cloudy, and stained over time. That’s because glass isn’t completely smooth (even though it feels that way). It has microscopic hills and valleys. When mineral-heavy water passes over the glass, it fills in the microscopic holes and can react chemically to the glass.

Water spots, for example, are the result of hard water minerals being left on the glass after the water evaporates. Eventually, the minerals seep into the porous surface, causing stains and corrosion. If enough corrosion occurs, the glass can become permanently stained or cloudy. At this point, you can’t make the glass clear again. (Corrosion is a chemical process that permanently changes the surface. Much like you can’t remove rust from metal, you can’t wipe away glass corrosion with a towel and some Windex.)

For this reason, it’s important to avoid glass staining and corrosion in the first place—and that means dealing with hard water.

Do You Have Hard Water?

If you live in Kentucky, it’s highly likely you have hard water. Kentucky’s water is generally classified as moderate to hard. (In fact, the entire Midwest is prone to hard water.)

You can tell that your water is hard if you have the following problems:

  • Spotty, filmy dishes and glassware
  • Soap scum on glass
  • Stains in your sinks and tubs
  • Low water pressure due to clogged pipes (from limescale buildup)

If you want to be sure you have hard water, you can test your water. One simple test involves filling a clear bottle up one-third of the way with water. Then, add a few drops of basic soap (like Castille) and put the cap on the bottle. Shake it vigorously for 10 seconds or so, then set it down. If there are little to no suds in the bottle, your water is hard. Hard water makes soap less sudsy and effective.

You can also purchase a test kit to determine your water’s actual hardness level.

How Can You Keep Your Glass Shower Hard Water-Free?

There are a few simple solutions to keeping your glass shower clear and sparkling.

The first is regular cleaning. We recommend keeping a small handheld squeegee or microfiber towel in your shower. After a shower, use the squeegee or towel to remove excess water from the glass. This helps remove hard water deposits and keeps soap scum from accumulating on the glass. In addition, it’s a good idea to do a regular deep cleaning to get rid of any minerals or soap scum left over.

If you want an easier, more hands-off fix, we recommend the two solutions below. (We get it: like most people, you’re busy enough without adding extra bathroom cleaning to your to-do list.)

You might consider installing a water softener—a home filtration system that removes hardness-causing calcium and magnesium minerals from your water.

Finally, if you are upgrading your bathroom, we highly recommend anti-corrosion shower glass. This is a type of glass with a protective coating. The coating is bonded to the surface of the glass, preventing hard water, minerals, oils, and soaps from staining the glass. Anti-corrosion glass looks just the same as regular glass: the only difference is that it will stay crystal-clear for years—even a lifetime.

For homeowners with hard water, we think anti-corrosion glass is absolutely a worthwhile bathroom upgrade. The peace of mind (and not having to squeegee your shower every day) is worth it!

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