What is Anti-Corrosion Shower Glass?

What is anti-corrosion shower glass, and why might you want it for your bathroom?

Today, we’re tackling the topic of anti-corrosion shower glass coatings, including why glass corrodes, how you can prevent it, and when anti-corrosion shower glass is worth it.

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How Does Glass Corrode?

Glass is beautiful, durable, and relatively easy to clean. However, it can degrade and corrode over time—going from perfectly clear to spotted, cloudy, and stained. How does this happen?

You might be surprised to learn that glass isn’t completely smooth (even though it feels that way). Glass is actually made of sand, so the surface is covered in microscopic hills and valleys. When something passes over the surface of glass, it fills in the microscopic holes and can react chemically to the glass itself.

Certain acidic and alkaline solutions corrode glass—like harsh chemical cleaners, soaps, minerals, and even water! (Over time, water leaches out the sodium present in glass, causing damage.)

Water spots, for example, result from hard water minerals being left on the glass after the water evaporates. Over time, those minerals can seep into the porous glass, causing stains and corrosion. With enough corrosion, glass can turn whitish, cloudy, or stained—permanently. That’s because corrosion is a chemical process that alters the surface of the glass. Much like you can’t remove rust from metal, you can’t simply clean corroded glass to be crystal-clear again. For that reason, you want to avoid glass corrosion in the first place.

What Is Anti-Corrosion Shower Glass?

You can, of course, avoid most corrosion by regularly cleaning your glass with care. For example, you might squeegee the water off your shower walls after each shower, and do a more thorough clean each week.

However, if you want glass without so much cleaning, consider anti-corrosion shower glass.

Anti-corrosion shower glass is a type of glass that has a coating applied. This coating is a fine layer bonded to the glass surface. It’s invisible, so it doesn’t change the look of the glass in any way; however, it makes the glass hydrophobic and repels water, oils, and soaps.

This type of glass coating makes the glass easier to clean, since the grime sits on top of the coating instead of the texture of the glass’ surface. What’s more, the coating prevents corrosion, discoloration, and staining over time, since the coating prevents the grime from reacting with the glass.

Should You Get Anti-Corrosion Shower Glass?

While anti-corrosion shower glass is pricier than traditional shower glass, it’s a worthwhile upgrade for many homeowners.
It’s more durable, easier to clean, and can be trusted to stay crystal-clear for years—even a lifetime—to come. The peace of mind (and not having to squeegee your shower every day) is a wonderful thing to have!

We recommend anti-corrosion shower glass for especially homeowners who have hard water, since it’s particularly tough on glass.

Also, as we mentioned above, corroded glass is essentially ruined: it can’t be made perfectly clear again. Though anti-corrosion shower glass has a higher price tag than non-coated glass, it’s cheaper than replacing your shower glass down the road!

We’re Here to Help

At Jack’s Glass, we offer Anti-Corrosion Shower glass, permanently sealed during manufacturing to resist corrosion from hard water, heat, humidity, soap and cleaning products. This coated glass is more easily cleaned, more durable, and more beautifully clear, for longer.

Our coating options include Diamon-Fusion and HydroClear, some of the best in the industry.

If you have questions about shower glass coating and your options, we’re happy to help. Our on-site team can assist you with your bathroom remodel from start to finish.

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