ADAS Calibration

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At Jack’s, safety is central to everything we do. Every single one of our technicians is nationally certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council—and our team is trained in one of the most critical modern vehicle technologies: ADAS, and the windshield camera calibration that makes it work.


What are ADAS and Windshield Calibration?

ADAS (short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is a network of common next-gen safety features that are becoming more and more standard in vehicles every year. Such features include:

Blind Spot Monitors

Automotive Night Vision

Pedestrian Detection

Lane-Departure Warnings

Collision Monitoring

Parking Sensors

If you have your windshield replaced or your vehicle underogoes other related work, these systems must be professionally calibrated to safely and effectively do their job–and not every shop is equipped with the tech for the task. But at Jack’s, we’ve got your back.

Why Do I Need Professional Windshield Camera Calibration?

Many ADAS features rely on a camera system in or near the windshield. Any work that moves the camera by as little as one degree can drastically alter how the vehicle’s safety systems operate. Simply put: If the camera’s angle shifts, it can’t see objects in the area it was designed to monitor. Windshield calibration starts with top-tier glass. At Jack’s, we use original, factory model—or better—glass for all vehicles. Think of it like a new pair of eyeglasses. In ADAS, the windshield is the lens, and the camera is the eye. If your glasses have even a slightly warped lens or imperfection, you won’t be able to see clearly—just as you won’t if you don’t have the right prescription in your lenses to begin with. This holds especially true when it comes to windshield calibration.  Our pro technicians have mastered the two best windshield camera calibration tools on the market today: Opti-Aim and Autel’s MaxiSys ADAS. Together, these cutting-edge solutions offer millimeter-level calibration accuracy—and, most importantly, they offer peace of mind that when you need your vehicle’s safety systems most, they’ll be there for you.

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