Do You Need to Install Storm Windows in Winter?

Storm windows can be a great addition to your home—protecting existing windows and increasing your home’s energy efficiency, all while maintaining your home’s original character.

How do you know if storm windows are right for you? Do you need to install storm windows in winter? Today, we’re tackling common questions about storm windows. Keep reading to learn all you need to know as a homeowner!

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are a type of window installed inside or outside a regular window. It’s an addition to the window, not a replacement for it.

Storm windows have several key benefits:

  • They can provide protection from bad weather and debris
  • They improve insulation of the window, improving your home’s energy efficiency overall
  • They reduce heating and cooling costs
  • They reduce noise
  • They preserve historic architecture by avoiding the need to replace original windows

Historically, storm windows were temporary additions that you could install and remove as the seasons change. Modern storm windows, however, also offer newer and better options: style that blends in with your home’s architecture, permanent installation, operable windows, and low-E coatings that provide improved efficiency.

Are Storm Windows Right for You?

Should you replace your home’s windows or install storm windows? What you choose will depend on a few things, including your budget and your home’s historic value.

Storm windows are less energy efficient than new windows. However, they are often cheaper than replacement windows.

Some homeowners opt for storm windows because new, energy efficient windows are out of their budget. Others choose storm windows because they live in a historic home, and they don’t want to remove the home’s original windows but need more energy efficiency. If you’re on a strict budget or live in a historic home, storm windows are likely a good option for you.

Other homeowners forego storm windows in favor of replacing their windows. This is a good option for homeowners who have the budget for replacements and have no need to preserve their existing windows.

If you’re considering storm windows, you can choose between ones that are installed inside or outside, and ones that are temporary or permanent.

Temporary, indoor storm windows are the least expensive option, as well as the easiest to install. Their downsides are that they make the window inoperable and they don’t protect the original window from the elements.

Outdoor and permanent storm windows are a little tougher to install and a bit more expensive, but they provide more protection and allow you use of the windows.

When Should You Install Storm Windows?

You can install storm windows at any time; however, we recommend installing them before winter hits in earnest.

Storm windows are most useful in extreme seasons, when you’re cranking up the heating or air conditioning. With storm windows in place this winter, you can ensure that your home isn’t leaking air and that your heating bills stay lower.

When installing storm windows, consider professional installation—especially for outdoor storm windows. While you can go the DIY route, you might appreciate the peace of mind that comes from an installation by the pros!

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