Best Ways To Maintain Your Car's Windows

Proper maintenance can do a world of good for your car. Just like you get regular oil changes, rotate your tires, and change your air filters, we also recommend that you take a few steps to maintain your car’s windows.

Today, we’ll explain how. Keep reading to learn the best ways to maintain your car’s windows!

#1 Park your car indoors.

One of the best ways to protect your car’s windows is by parking your car in a garage or other covered parking area. Doing so helps protect your windshield and other windows from getting chipped, scratched, or broken due to weather or vandalism.

#2 Check your windshield for chips and cracks.

Small chips and cracks can happen at any time. Your windshield might get chipped while driving down the highway behind a truck kicking up rocks. Your windshield might get a crack from sudden temperature changes or from sitting out under the sun in extreme heat.

Fortunately, small chips and cracks don’t have to be the death of your windshield—if you catch them early, before they spread. Once cracks extend more than 6 inches or reach the edge of your windshield, you’ll need a new windshield. However, you can often repair them before this happens.

Check your windshield regularly for chips and cracks. If you find any, visit your local auto glass pros to get them repaired promptly.

#3 Clean your windows with the right glass cleaner.

Using the right glass cleaner for your car’s windows will keep them clean and streak-free. We recommend Jack’s Glass Glass Cleaner (available at any of our stores). It easily removes dirt, grease, smudges, fingerprints, and more, without leaving behind streaks or smears. (What’s more, you can use this same cleaner on your home windows and oven top!)

We recommend regularly cleaning the inside and outside of your car’s windows.

#4 Replace your wiper blades and fluid.

Over time, windshield wiper blades degrade and windshield wiper fluid runs out.

Old windshield wiper blades have worn off the rubber covering the metal or plastic of the blade. As a result, with every pass of the blade across your windshield, you can end up scratching the windshield!

And of course, low windshield wiper fluid means that you can’t immediately clean dirt and debris off your windshield.

Keeping these parts in good shape also ensures the health of your windshield. We recommend replacing wiper blades at least every 6 months.

#5 Don’t slam your car doors.

While an occasional or accidental slam of your car door isn’t likely to cause serious damage, regularly slamming the doors will.

Slamming your car doors often can damage your car’s power windows, causing them to fall off the track. As a result, you won’t be able to roll them up or down anymore. Instead, close the doors gently!

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Following these 5 tips can help your car’s windows last! However, if you ever do find your windshield in need of repair, Jack’s Glass can help.

We repair and replace windshields and offer ADAS calibration. Our mobile auto glass service will even come to you, so you don’t even have to leave your home! We’ll even handle any insurance claims on your behalf.

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