Your Car Windows: 5 Tips to Keep It All Clear

Wear-and-tear on your car is a normal, anticipated event. Coffee spills stain; fingerprints wear off buttons; lightbulbs go out. And while some items are unavoidable, some are preventable—especially when it comes to your windows. Here are several ways you can keep your windows protected, avoid car window repair and keep more money in your pocket:

Be Nice

It may sound elementary, but in order to make your car’s windows last as long as possible, you should be gentle with them. Don’t slam doors when closing (which can lead to unnecessary vibration of the car’s windows and windshield—and potentially lead to cracks and chips). Additionally, slamming can lead to problems like the loosening of windows as well as misalignment. Simply push doors closed with a little pressure—an easy nudge should do it.

While we’re on the topic of being nice to windows, remind young children not to overdo it with the windows’ up-and-down buttons, either. Although it isn’t the glass itself that breaks, an electrical fix often costs the most in car window repair.

Keep ’em Clean

Proper care isn’t merely wiping windows—it begins with choosing the right cleaning agent. Find a quality glass cleaner, avoiding those that have ammonia. While ammonia can help clean the glass of your car, it can damage other parts such as your window tint or carpeting/upholstery. Choose a cleaner that comes in a spray for easier application and use glass-friendly, microfiber cloths or towels for wiping. Contrary to popular belief, rags, old shirts or bath towels can cause streaks to appear or scratch the glass.

Once you’ve chosen your cleaning materials, follow a specific order as you move about the car to ensure you don’t forget any windows. Always start cleaning with the driver’s side door, then the front passenger’s side door, finishing with the back windows. First, roll the windows down several inches and clean the top parts, as well as the edges. Roll the windows back up and clean the rest of the glass. Start by cleaning the outside windows before moving to the inside. You can also choose to clean the front and back windshields. Keeping windows clean will not only help reduce the need for car window repair, but it will minimize any visual obstructions when you’re driving.

Stay Out of the Sun

It goes without saying that being in the sun too long isn’t good for us—and it isn’t good for our cars, either. Heat can warp glass, which consequently can damage your windows and windshield. Avoid the need for car window repairs by parking your vehicle in shaded areas to stay protected from hot temperatures and UV rays. If you’re able to park inside a garage or in covered parking, all the better.

In the event you find yourself needing a car window repair, be sure to talk to a professional and avoid fixing yourself. Ask your local glass expert about the best remedy for your specific window problem.

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