Storefront Windows: Multipurpose Marketing for Your Business

Storefront windows are the looking glass into your business—passersby can peek in to see what’s inside and will hopefully reach into their pocketbooks soon after walking through your doors. But storefront windows aren’t just windows—they are valuable tools to be used for marketing your business and can have a major impact on whether customers come in … or keep walking.

Using Graphics to Drive Foot Traffic
When it comes to brick-and-mortar advertising, don’t stop at sending direct mail pieces to potential customers. While your logo helps to identify your store, strategically using your storefront windows will reinforce your brand and compete with neighboring businesses. You can do this by showcasing products, services, promotions and more. Tell a visual story through window graphics, painted windows or intriguing in-window displays. Make someone want to detour from wherever they were going and come inside.

Go Digital
Too often retailers are stuck using mannequins and arranging furniture to create a fancy scene to try to grab attention. It’s time to consider the latest innovation in storefront window advertising: the digital display. This storefront window strategy employs the same tactics and goals as traditional graphics, but uses far simpler and more flexible tools. Digital displays elevate the conventional viewing experience and allow for messaging to be seen day and night, rain or shine. While paper posters and printed fabric light boxes are less costly in the short term than digital displays, digital will help you deliver clear, bright images that draw more customers to your store with their use. Additionally, digital displays are more efficient and easier to update and maintain. No more shipping expenses for materials or man-hours for store floor-changes. #retailrefresh

Get Smart … Glass, That Is
Want to give consumers a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment they see your storefront windows? Smart glass may be for you. Smart glass allows retailers to transform storefront windows into a transparent display, often switching from opaque to transparent in mere seconds. While opaque, the glass acts as an HD projection screen for engaging and dynamic advertisements; while transparent, shoppers can look into the store with an unobstructed view. Live-stream customized images, videos and text to interact with shoppers—or dim the glass to half-transparency to create subtle ethereal messaging that “floats.” #saygoodbyetowindowstickers

Need Storefront Windows? We’re Here to Help
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