You Have the Right to Choose Your Auto Glass Company

If you’ve been driving for a while, you’ve seen your fair share of mishaps and had your fair share of repairs. You may have had a flat tire, a minor fender bender, or a rock chip in the glass of your car’s windshield.

When you come out to your car at the end of the day and notice a minor issue, like a rock chip in your windshield, what do you do? You likely call the number on the back of your insurance card. The person on the other end of the line, you think, will help you file a claim and give you recommendations for the best auto glass companies in town. You expect to talk to someone from your insurance company (whether that’s Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, etc.).

However, you might not actually be talking to an insurance agent. You might be surprised to learn that an employee of a Third Party Administrator (TPA) is the person taking your call. Third Party Administrators are often used by large insurance companies to field and process their customers’ claims.

Is there a problem with talking to a TPA? Not necessarily; TPAs are supposed to give consumers options to help them make an educated decision regarding their repairs. However, some Third Party Administrators, because of their affiliation with large repair companies, try to pressure consumers into going with a particular company to fix their cars.

A TPA employee may tell you that you are required to give a certain auto glass company your business or that you will be billed more if you go with a different shop. He or she may also tell you that your desired glass shop isn’t in the “preferred network” or that your insurance company won’t give you a warranty if you go to a shop outside its network. These are scare tactics, and they are wrong!

Kentucky, like many other states, is a “right to choose” state. You have the right to choose your auto glass provider: you are not required to pick any particular company. Your insurance company has a set rate that it pays for every glass shop. And as for the warranty, many auto glass repair shops, like Jack’s Glass, guarantees their own work. In fact, Jack’s Glass provides a lifetime warranty on workmanship and is a preferred provider for all TPA’s.

Do not allow yourself to be steered into doing business with a company that may or may not be right for you!

At Jack’s, we have provided exceptional auto glass repair and service for 70 years. We’re a family owned business invested in the communities we serve. Let us help you get back on the road: call us to talk to an expert about your auto glass repair needs.

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