Winter Windshield Dos and Don’ts

One of the most frustrating parts of winter is dealing with your car after an icy or snowy night. How many times have you come out to go to work only to find your car buried under a layer of snow? 15 minutes later, you’ve managed to shovel off the snow only to be greeted by another surprise: A layer of ice. It’s enough to make you want to go back inside and call in sick. Don’t worry, Jack’s Glass is here with some winter dos and don’ts to help you de-ice your windshield while avoiding costly mistakes that may lead to auto glass repair or windshield glass replacement this winter.

Do use an ice scraper to remove ice. This may seem pretty basic but use tools as they were intended to be used. This means investing a few dollars in purchasing an ice scraper instead of using something like your metal kitchen spatula to try and de-ice you windshield. Using the wrong tool may leave you with a scratched and chipped windshield in desperate need of auto glass repair services. Not fun!

Do keep glass clean. In the winter, with all the salt and slush, it can be tempting to just let your car get dirty. After all, if you run it through the car wash it’ll look just as dirty the next day… right? Maybe but a clean windshield can help you avoid windshield scratches and needing auto glass repair. Running your wipers or an ice scraper over stuck on dirt is a common cause of windshield scratches. If you don’t want to invest money in washing your entire car over and over during the winter, simply squeegee your windshield at a gas station now and again.

Do get any chips repaired. A chip in the glass of your windshield may seem minor but in the winter, with sudden changes in temperature, that chip is more likely to turn into a crack. Get chips in windshield glass repaired now before they become a bigger problem and you need a whole new windshield.

Don’t use boiling water. When you’re in a hurry it may seem like a good idea to dump boiling water on your windshield to de-ice it. It isn’t. The sudden change in temperature can damage your windshield (for example, it may cause cracking) and leave you stuck with a bill for windshield glass repair services.

Don’t leave your car exposed. Whenever possible, park your car in a garage or carport in order to protect it and the windshield glass from the elements. When this isn’t possible, consider covering your car with a tarp. Another option is to simply cover your windshield and mirrors. You can put a piece of cardboard over you windshield and plastic bags (like from the grocery store) over your mirrors to protect them.

Don’t forget about your wiper blades. Worn out wiper blade clips may scratch up your windshield. Evaluate your wiper blades and consider replacing them if they look worn. There are special wiper blades available that are more durable and made to handle winter weather conditions. Spending a few bucks on new wiper blades may save you from having to pay for auto glass repair down the road.

Bonus: If you know an ice storm or low temperatures are going to hit overnight, cut a (raw) onion in half and rub it on your windows and windshield the night before. This will help keep frost from forming the glass making it easier to get your car in a road-worthy condition the next day!

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