Windshield Resolutions for the New Year

Ah, a new year. A fresh start, a clean slate. You may not think of your car when it comes to resolutions, but 2020 is your perfect opportunity to change that. This year, consider taking extra care of your windshield (and the rest of your vehicle) to avoid needing a new windshield or windshield repair. Wondering how to prevent those two events from happening? Read on!

Resolution #1: Don’t Let Ice Accumulate on Your Windshield

An annoying part of winter (besides the cold!) is removing snow and ice from your windshield. An unnecessary evil, keeping your windshield clear of winter altogether will prevent chips, cracks and a need for windshield repair. One of the easiest ways to prevent ice and snow from building up on your windshield is investing in a windshield cover. Not only will it make it easier for you to clear off the windshield after snow, but it will also prevent winter-weather damage to your windshield wiper blades (which helps avoid windshield scratches down the road).

For other ways to keep your windshield protected in the winter, read How to Stop Ice from Accumulating on Your Windshield.

Resolution #2: Be Picky When You Park Your Car

It may sound silly, but your parking spot should be a top priority when it comes to protecting your windshield. While you may not always be able to choose your spot (there are only so many open in a lot, right?), if you have the opportunity to steer clear of trees and direct sunlight your windshield will thank you. Albeit rare, parking your car under trees poses the risk of falling tree branches, which can cause windshield cracks or a broken windshield (especially after a storm). Why shouldn’t you park in direct sunlight? UV rays from the sun damages your windshield over time by wearing down the tint and affecting the structural integrity of the windshield. Additionally, exposing your car to extreme temperatures can cause stress cracks to form and spread across the windshield. When you can, try to park in the shade of a building or near shade-providing trees (but remember … not directly under!).

Here are a few more tips for windshield maintenance.

Resolution #3: Avoid Windshield Repair with Proper Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Skip the trip to the repair shop by using the right tools and cleaning supplies for your windshield. Always remove ice in the winter with scrapers—never use hot water. Even moderately warm water can turn into freezing ice in seconds and cause cracks. Also, use winter wiper fluids to avoid smearing from the slush, salt and debris. DIY articles online may suggest you use common household items, like glass cleaner and sponges for your windshield and windows—but it’s not a good idea. Ordinary glass cleaner is usually made with ammonia, which can leave streaks on your windshield, and over time it can cause any tint on your windshield to peel off. Stay away from sponges, too, as they can cause very tiny scratches and will most likely lead to a need for windshield repair. Instead, use a cleaner specifically for auto glass and a microfiber cloth which is extremely soft and won’t scratch.

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