Window Film Benefits, Types and Techniques

Are window films right for your home? You may not know it, but a variety of window films exist for many different situations and needs. While most window films provide both security and insulation, many window films can be aesthetic as well as functional. With so many options to choose from – security films, switchable films, heat rejection films, privacy films and graphic design films – it’s easy to add beneficial, attractive accents and assets to your home.

As a homeowner, you know how easy it can be to damage the windows of your house – hail from a strong storm, a rock thrown from a mower, a wild pitch from kids playing baseball… any of these incidents can cause unpredictable or unpreventable accidents where broken, sharp pieces of glass get strewn both inside and out. Applying security window films can protect glass from shattering – by adding a structural layer, film allows the glass to break but not separate and fall apart. Security window films can also help prevent intruders from breaking a window for access – they may be able to break the glass but the window stays intact, blocking access to a lock or doorknob.

Certain window films can also increase energy efficiency within your home. Heat rejection window films are designed to improve insulation, decreasing the energy transfer through your windows, preventing heat loss in the winter and improving energy bills all year long. They also can block up to 90% of UV rays, reducing annoying glares and helping protect interior furniture, rugs and drapery from fading.

Switchable films create privacy on demand without bulky traditional blinds. When inactive, a treated window appears transparent. But at the flip of a switch, the film is activated and turns the entire surface of the window opaque. A sleek and modern privacy solution, properly installed switchable window films will have no cracks or open spots to look through.

Privacy films and graphic design films are the perfect solution for adding privacy without sacrificing style. These films can add a frost or stained glass finish to any window, while still allowing light to filter in with a greatly reduced glare.

Whatever style you choose, whether for form or function, remember that not all window films are created equal. To ensure the best quality and installation for your particular plans, consult your window and glass professionals.