Window Companies: Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

Shopping for new windows for your home can be a daunting task. Almost daily, news stations report homeowners who have been scammed by companies offering to replace windows at a fraction of the price. Most homeowners aren’t sure who to call or what type of windows to replace. Often money is given as a “deposit” prior to work being done. In return, homeowners are given shoddy work, if any at all. By doing a little “homework” homeowners can be prepared with the right questions to ask potential vendors. This saves time, money and hopefully a few headaches that come when trying to choose window replacements.

Replacement window companies are required to have a certificate stating the area they’re allowed to work in. Be careful! Window replacement scammers can produce fake certificates and licenses as well as reputable window replacement companies can. Most contractors like to boast about professional organizations they’re affiliated with. Follow up and check to ensure that contractors are who they say they are. If the company is unable to produce certifications there’s probably a good reason why.

Shop around. Look at different window shapes and styles. Compare the windows efficiency ratings. Window replacement companies will need to come to your home to measure your windows and should provide a written estimate. Prior to allowing any contractor in to your home, check their reputation. Are their staff-bonded? Be safe. Don’t invite possible criminals in to your home.

Ask for a written estimate that details the total cost and length of time it will take to have your windows ordered, and who will be responsible for cleanup or liable if unwanted damages or accidents should occur. Some window replacement companies may charge a small deposit if ordering special-made windows. Ask for references or to see a portfolio of jobs they’ve recently completed in your area.

Completing a little investigative work before choosing your window replacement company can save you time and money. Don’t hire a contractor until you have compared their services with another. Check references to be sure they are legitimate. Checking a company’s reputation online can be helpful as well. Choose sites wisely! As a consumer, knowledge is power. Don’t allow your home to fall prey to unscrupulous contractors.