Will a Glass Shower Enclosure Work in Your Bathroom?

Ready to ditch your old, moldy shower curtain but unsure where to start?

Let’s talk about glass shower and tub enclosures. There is a wide variety of glass enclosures—one for almost any bathroom design and configuration, from traditional to contemporary and from cramped to expansive.

If you’re wondering if a glass enclosure will work in your bathroom, chances are that it will. It’s just a matter of choosing the glass shower or tub enclosure that suits your bathroom and budget.

Below, we break down the most common types of glass shower and tub enclosures. Keep reading to find out the ideal glass enclosure for your bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

This option is ideal in: any bathroom large enough to have a stand-alone shower.

This option is very popular among homeowners for several reasons. It can fit easily in any style, from sleek and modern to elegant and traditional. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Framed Glass Shower Enclosure

This option is ideal for: bathrooms with smaller budgets.

For homeowners who love the look of a frameless glass shower enclosure but would prefer a more budget friendly option, framed glass shower enclosures are perfect. The framed version also lends itself well to a variety of designs (try chrome for a modern look and oil-rubbed bronze for a traditional look). The glass and hardware is also low-maintenance.

Sliding Shower Enclosure

This option is ideal in: smaller bathrooms.

Even smaller bathrooms can still have a beautiful, functional glass shower enclosure. Simply swap out the swinging door with a sliding one (frameless or framed).

Walk-in Shower

This option is ideal in: tall, narrow bathrooms.

A walk-in shower maximizes space while creating a feeling of incredible luxury and expansiveness. It works especially well in bathrooms with low natural light and compact bathrooms. It’s also more affordable than it looks, since there is minimal hardware. (This option can be made even more economical by adding a shower tray instead of waterproofing the floor.)

Glass Block Shower Enclosure

This option is ideal in: unique bathrooms.

Glass blocks have all the same advantages as regular glass when used as a shower enclosure; however, they bring a unique, cool look to a bathroom.

Glass Tub Enclosure

This option is ideal in: bathrooms with an existing tub.

For homeowners whose budget or space doesn’t allow for a separate tub and shower, glass tub enclosures are a fantastic choice: they elevate the look of any bathroom. Like glass shower enclosures, tub enclosures can be frameless or framed and offer swinging or sliding doors. (Note: this enclosure won’t work for certain tub types, like free-standing clawfoot tubs.)

Glass Screen

This option is ideal in: bathrooms with odd angles or non-standard heights.

Unlike full tub enclosures, glass screens typically end a little more than halfway down the length of the tub. They can be stationary or made up of several hinged or sliding panels. Glass screens are excellent in small bathrooms: they prevent water from escaping the shower while creating the illusion of maximum space and light, thanks to minimal glass and hardware. It’s also great in bathrooms with slanted ceilings: screens can be custom-made to fit the space.

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