Why You Shouldn't Use a Glass Repair Kit

Glass repair kits might seem like a good move, but there’s more than one reason windshield repair should be left to the pros! Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t use a glass repair kit, even if it seems easy enough and a good deal.

Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why your best bet for windshield repair is a certified pro, not a glass repair kit bought off Amazon.

#1 You can cause more damage to your car.

Glass repair kits work, in theory, by allowing you to fill the chip in your windshield with resin and allowing it to harden to a glass-like firmness. However, if the resin isn’t the type needed for your windshield, or isn’t cured properly, the resin can cause more cracks. That’s because the resin and the glass surrounding it will contract and expand at different rates. With DIY glass repair, you might eventually end up with more cracks than you started with!

Professional glass repairs, on the other hand, are done using a higher-quality resin and performed by skilled technicians, so the repairs can last the life of your windshield.

#2 You only get one chance to get the repair right.

Windshield repair typically involves evaluating the damage, removing dirt and debris from the chip or crack, filling the void with resin, and allowing it to harden.

If you accidentally skip or mess up a step in the repair process, you’ll likely end up with air bubbles or a spot that looks dirty or opaque on your windshield. Depending on the location, that might reduce your visibility and even be a safety hazard!

You only get one chance to repair a windshield chip or crack. There’s no fixing a haphazard job.

#3 DIY repairs might void your warranty.

Going the DIY route might void your warranty!

It’s against federal law for warranty providers to void your warranty because you performed maintenance on your vehicle. However, if you performed the maintenance (like windshield repair) incorrectly, or neglected maintenance (like trying to DIY repair a crack instead of replacing your windshield), your warranty could be void.

If this happens, you could be on the hook for damages that would have otherwise been covered by your warranty.

#4 You might end up spending more money anyway.

You might wind up needing professional repairs even if you go the DIY route. For example:

Your DIY repair went wrong and caused more damage.
The DIY repair ended up opaque, and it’s causing visibility issues, necessitating windshield replacement.
You tried to repair a crack that couldn’t be fully fixed (like one that was too long or close to the edge of your windshield), and it cracked again.

In the cases listed above, you would have wasted money on the glass repair kit.

#5 Professional windshield replacement might be covered in full by your insurance.

If you live in Kentucky, buying a glass repair kit could definitely be a waste of money: under Kentucky law, if you have comprehensive car insurance, windshield repair and replacement is covered with no deductible.

That means it’s actually much cheaper to go with a professional: your windshield repair or replacement could be covered in full!

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