Why You Need Window Accessories

“Window accessories” is a misnomer: they should really be called “window necessities.” That’s because window accessories add to both the beauty of your home and the functionality of your windows.

Most people think about traditional window accessories—such as curtains, roman shades, or blinds—when decorating their home. However, don’t forget about exterior window accessories!

Below, we take a look at some popular exterior window accessories and why you might consider them for your home’s windows.

Shutters are a wonderful accent on traditional-style homes. They come in wood and plastic and are available in both operating and non-functioning styles. Operating shutters, which can be opened or closed, are more expensive; however, they offer the benefits of protecting your windows during severe weather, blocking out sunlight during the harsh summer, and creating additional privacy when needed. Tie-backs, or shutter dogs, keep your shutters secured. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and can add even more style and personality to the outside of your home.

An awning can turn a barely-used deck or patio into a beloved outdoor living space. Awnings are very practical: in addition to providing shade, an awning placed over a window reduces solar heat gain, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your current windows.

If security is an issue where you live, grilles are a practical and often aesthetically pleasing solution. They are usually made of wrought iron and permanently secured around the window into the outside of the house. They can be custom-designed in almost any configuration—from simple bars to more ornate styles.

Latches & Locks
Latches and locks serve to provide your home with added security. Latches will simply keep your windows closed, while locks will not allow your windows to be opened from the inside without a key. Both options come in a variety of finishes, like brass, brushed aluminum, chrome, and bronze, to coordinate with your windows.

Window Guards
Window guards, like grilles, offer additional safety. However, their primary purpose is not to keep intruders out but to keep small children in. This window accessory is made of several bars and is attached to the lower part of the window on the interior of the home. A window guard installed on windows in the upper stories of the home will prevent accidental falls.

Films, like awnings, can markedly increase the energy efficiency of a window and, as a result, your energy savings. They do this by blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition to improved energy performance, a reduction in UV rays is beneficial if you have furniture or artwork that you would like to protect from fading. You might consider installing films on east- and west-facing windows.

Mesh screens are fantastic in the spring and summer, when you want to enjoy the breeze but not the bugs. These screens are available as fixed or operating. As a bonus, screens will slightly increase your window’s energy efficiency by diffusing solar radiation, decreasing heat gain during the summer.

These are just a few of the wide variety of window accessories available. If you are in the market for new windows and accessories, call the experts at Jack’s Glass. Our residential window experts offer in-home consultations to evaluate your needs and develop a customized solution for your home. In addition to window installation, we offer installation of window screens, films, storm panels, pet screens, and other window accessories.

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