Why You Need a Storm Door

A storm door is a type of door that is installed in front of the exterior door to your home. But why would you need another door? Isn’t the wooden door that you have sufficient?

Let’s talk about storm doors: their benefits, your options, and why you might need one.

Benefits of a Storm Door

Many homeowners throughout Kentucky install a storm door in front of their home’s exterior doors. This is because storm doors offer a number of important benefits that make them more than worth the initial cost.

Here are the reasons you should consider adding a storm door to your home.

#1 Storm doors increase your home’s energy efficiency.

A storm door offers an additional barrier against the outdoors and reduces the air leakage coming from your front door. It also adds to your home’s insulation by creating an air pocket between the storm door and the primary door (similar to how double pane windows work). What this means is that your home will stay heated in the winter and cooled in the summer—thereby reducing your energy bills.

If you notice that your home’s exterior doors get a bit drafty come fall and winter, you should definitely be interested in a storm door.

#2 Storm doors protect your main door.

Say you have a beautiful front door that you love. Maybe it’s original to your historic home, or maybe it just got a fresh coat of paint. By standing in front of your main door, a storm door offers protection against the elements (and stray baseballs). This reduces the cost of maintaining your main door in the long run—not to mention, storm doors are much easier and cheaper to replace than main doors.

#3 Storm doors let in the good stuff and keep out the bad.

During the winter, you’ll obviously want to keep your storm door and front door closed to keep the heat inside. In the spring and summer, however, having a storm door gives you the option of leaving your primary door open. This lets in tons of the natural light that we all want in our homes, while still providing security. In addition, many storm doors allow the option of switching the glass for a screen, so you can get a nice breeze throughout your home without letting in all the bugs.

Your Options for Storm Doors

There are a huge variety of storm doors from which to pick! Depending on your home and needs, certain features might be more important to you than others. That said, here are just a few of the options that storm doors have:

  • Many different colors and finishes
  • Various combinations of screens and glass panels
  • Removable panels to change depending on the season
  • Tinted or low-E glass
  • A variety of metals for screens (steel to prevent tears, aluminum to resist rust, etc.)
  • A door stop or pneumonic closer to control how the door opens and closes

Whatever your needs in a storm door, you can be sure that there is an option that suits them.

Most storm doors pay for themselves rather quickly through the energy savings they provide. How quickly your door pays for itself will depend on how much you spend. Fortunately, most storm doors are inexpensive, ranging on average from $100 to $300.

Call Jack’s for Storm Door Installation

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