Why choose frameless doors?

Are your shower doors displaying more than you want them to? If you currently have framed glass shower doors, chances are you may be seeing signs of corrosion. Today’s shower doors have come a long way from glass doors of the past. Older shower doors require a metal frame to hold the glass in place, sliding on a track attached to the shower enclosure. With this sliding door setup, water mildew and soap scum gather in the tracks, and over time, the end result is limited durability and unattractive appearance.

European-style glass shower doors do not use frames, making them more appealing while enhancing the functionality of your shower. Frameless shower doors offer an affordable solution to your bathroom redesign, and are growing in popularity as modern, attractive and innovative elements to add to your bathroom. They instantly transform your existing shower enclosure by adding depth without tearing down walls. Not only are these doors beautiful, but their versatile style and ease of cleaning are reasons enough to choose them for your next bathroom makeover.

Worried about odd sizes or hard-to-fit areas? Worry no more. Glass frameless shower doors are hung with minimally visible hinges that open 90 degrees in and out. The use of tempered glass and variable style allows a perfect custom fit, ensuring water stays in your shower instead of ending up on the bathroom floor.

Frameless shower doors are low maintenance and wipe clean easily without leaving behind trapped debris. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, they can take years off what was once an outdated bathroom. Choosing frameless shower doors for your next “redo” will ensure you have a bathroom that is not only hygienic but modern and long lasting as well. As one of the major spaces in a house that attracts potential buyers, a bathroom with frameless glass shower doors is sure to provide a nice return with minimal investment.