When to Consider a Walk-in Shower

It used to be that all bathrooms were about the same: you had a tub, a pedestal sink and a toilet in one cramped room.

Now, the choices for your bathroom are practically limitless! Consider: you can have a stand-alone tub or a combination tub-shower, a framed or frameless shower, a toilet with or without a bidet…not to mention all of the options for sinks (single or double vanity?), flooring (vinyl or porcelain?), tile (glass or stone?), and hardware (brass or nickel?).

In addition, you don’t even have to limit yourself to the traditional tub-sink-toilet arrangement! Many homeowners today opt for the modern and elegant walk-in shower.

If you are thinking about a walk-in shower, keep reading! When is it a good choice? What design considerations should you keep in mind? What styles are available?

Let’s (figuratively) dive in!

Walk-in Shower: Yes or No?

To begin, let’s discuss when a walk-in shower is appropriate for your bathroom.

The good news is that a walk-in shower is appropriate for just about all bathrooms—even small spaces! In fact, walk-in showers can be ideal for smaller bathrooms, since they can visually enlarge the space. That’s because a walk-in shower doesn’t require a full stall with walls and a curb: in many cases, it can even take up less floor space than a traditional shower.

There are even more advantages to a walk-in shower:

  • Ease of cleaning: Without three walls and a shower curtain, walk-in showers are easier to clean. (No more moldy shower curtains!)
  • Ease of access: Walk-in showers can be a great option for anyone who has mobility issues: that’s because there is no tub to step over. (You can also install a seat in the walk-in shower.)
  • Beautiful, versatile styling: In addition to making your bathroom look larger, a walk-in shower can work in any bathroom—from modern to traditional. And because you can use the same tile throughout, it makes the bathroom look more harmonious.

That said, there are a few questions to ask yourself when considering a walk-in shower:

  • Do I exclusively shower, or would I like the option to bathe? If you like to take the occasional soak in a tub, a walk-in shower might not be for you. If your bathroom is small, consider a framed or frameless shower-tub combination. However, if you have lots of space (lucky you!), you can still do a walk-in shower with a claw-foot tub, for example.
  • Am I worried about privacy? A walk-in shower makes the bathroom function somewhat like a steam room. There typically isn’t a shower curtain or wall to block the shower off from the rest of the bathroom. For example, if you have only one bathroom and need to share it with others, a walk-in shower may not be ideal.

If you’re still interested in a walk-in shower, keep reading for some design considerations!

Designing a Walk-in Shower

Designing a walk-in shower is a bit different than it is for a traditional shower: there are a few important details you have to keep in mind:

  • Shower head placement: Because there is no shower curtain to block the spray of water, you must make sure that your shower head has appropriate placement in the bathroom. Your shower head should be installed on the correct wall—with the spray pointing away from the toilet and sink. Another great option is the rainfall shower head, which is installed in the ceiling.
  • Floor slope: Proper floor slope is key for a functional walk-in shower, as it doesn’t have a tub to catch and direct the water. If the floor of the walk-in shower is continuous with the rest of the bathroom, it should slope toward the shower drain. (Don’t worry: the slope can be very subtle. You probably won’t even notice!) If this isn’t possible in your bathroom, a shallow shower pan can be installed so that water doesn’t pool on the floor.

Walk-in Shower Styles

As we mentioned above, walk-in showers can work in any style of bathroom. Modern, contemporary, industrial, and even traditional!

Though walk-in showers skew modern in style, they can fit in just fine in traditional bathrooms. (Think the use of more classic design elements like bronze hardware and porcelain tile). Or, you can embrace the modern look and use square shower heads and geometric tiles.

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