What insurance coverage is required for auto glass replacement?

Cracks in your windshield? A shattered window on your car? When it comes to auto glass replacements, some insurance policies can be vague and confusing about coverage so it’s best to know if your insurance does cover windshield or glass replacements. Even if you see the words “glass replacement” within your policy, find out if it is all-inclusive – meaning both materials and labor are covered. You don’t want to find out after the fact that you are not covered for an auto glass replacement – and then find yourself stuck with a hefty bill.

The best idea? Start with comprehensive auto insurance. Most comprehensive insurance policies cover full auto glass replacement, however this may vary from company to company and state to state. Some states require comprehensive auto insurance to cover full auto glass replacement – unfortunately Ohio is not one of them. To complicate it more, some insurance companies cover windshield repair/replacement and side/rear window replacement, while other insurance companies will cover all auto glass except for windshield replacement.

With the myriad of options and exceptions detailed within each different policy and insurance companies, it’s important to fully understand your insurance policy and what it covers in order to avoid misunderstandings or out-of-pocket expenses . To find out, contact your vehicle insurance provider and ask about your automotive glass coverage. In just a few minutes, you can clarify what your policy covers and review the details of glass replacement. You could even ask what, if any, situations or accidents would result in exceptions to your coverage, such as damage from break-ins or highway debris.

Another important factor to consider before filing a claim is to weigh the costs of the replacement. If your deductible is $500, and your repair/replacement cost is only $365, then it’s actually cheaper to pay the costs out of pocket. Windshield replacements on larger vehicles can be especially expensive – an example of when filing a claim with your comprehensive insurance is more cost-effective than trying to foot the bill yourself.

Most importantly, however, if you don’t have comprehensive coverage for your auto glass repair or replacement, do not put off repairs – cracks can worsen and can quickly become breaks. Also, it’s a good idea to call Jack’s Glass before reporting anything to your insurance carrier – Jack’s Glass can easily supply you with a quote upfront, and you may even benefit from available deals or discounts.

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