Update Your Kitchen Cabinets with Glass

There’s a reason that we love homes with beautiful kitchens: we spend a lot of time there! You cook there, you might eat there, and you might entertain there (especially if you don’t have a separate dining room). Not to mention, if you ever want to sell your home, your kitchen could make or break the offer!

If your kitchen is outdated (or frankly ugly), you might be thinking it’s time for some updates—and there’s no better update than one to your cabinets. Since cabinets take up so much space in your kitchen, any changes you make to this area will make a big impact!

If your budget allows, you can always replace your cabinets. But if your budget doesn’t include new cabinets—because the expense is too high, because you want to spend your money on other additions, or because you want to try to salvage your current cabinets—you have a number of options.

Here are our favorite cabinet update ideas.

#1 Paint Your Cabinets

Painting is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to update your cabinets. All you need is a gallon of paint (depending on the number of cabinets), a paintbrush or roller, a work space, and some time.

If your kitchen is dark or cramped, consider painting your kitchen cabinets white: they will really brighten up the space and make it look larger. You might also consider distressing the paint finish if you like the “cottage” or vintage look.

#2 Add Task Lighting

Task lighting is both functional and attractive. As the name suggests, it makes tasks easier by lighting the area underneath your cabinets—but it can also make the space seem brighter and larger, and it can highlight your backsplash.

#3 Replace Old Hardware

If your cabinets are stuck in the ’70s (and not in a deliberate, vintage way), some new hardware can really help to bring them into the modern era. Depending on your desired style, you have a wide variety of options: from knobs to pulls and simple to decorative.

This update is very quick and relatively inexpensive, but it really does make a difference.

#4 Refinish or Add Veneer

If you want to change the color of your cabinets but do not like the look of paint, stain is the way to go. This is a bigger project than simply painting but the results are beautiful. If your cabinets have a top coat—like varnish or polyurethane—that must be removed first. Then, you can use chemical stripper or wood bleach to lighten cabinets, or stain to darken them. (Note that some woods—like walnut and cherry—are naturally dark and can only lighten so far.)

If you are looking for a faster option with a woodgrain look, consider installing veneer on top of your cabinets. (Some companies even offer peel-and-stick veneer.)

#5 Add Cabinet Crown Molding

Crown molding on your cabinets is a great way to add elegance to your kitchen. If your cabinet height will allow it, consider this option! (To make it easier, you can mount the molding to a frame that sits on top of the cabinets—allowing you to install it as one unit.)

#6 Update Cabinet Doors with Glass

We’re glass people (so we might be a little biased), but we love the look of cabinets with glass inserts. Cabinets with glass inserts look attractive, custom, and expensive.

To add glass inserts to your existing doors, you’ll need to have glass pieces cut to fit the dimensions of your cabinet. (There should be at least an inch or more of cabinet door framing the glass.)

Once you have your glass, you can then remove the doors from the cabinets and all hardware from the doors. You’ll then measure out where your glass insert will go, and cut the center panel away from the cabinet door. You can then insert the glass panels. (You may add decorative molding in the front and quarter rounds, or glass clips, in the back to hold the panels in place.)

If you are into DIY, there are tons of videos online that give you a detailed overview of how to do this project. If you don’t have the time or energy to tackle updating all of your cabinets with glass, let Jack’s do it for you!

Call us today to talk about how Jack’s Glass can help you update your kitchen cabinets with glass.