Upcycle: Old Window Screens Get New Life

When was the last time you looked at your screens? No, not your phone, computer, or television screens… your window screens. Go take a look now. We’ll wait.

Back? Quick: Describe your window screens in one word. …. If the word you used is “brittle”, “torn”, “ripped”, “yucky”, or any other word with a negative connotation, it may be time to repair or even replace your window screens. Jack’s Glass can definitely help with that. (Contact us today to get a quote.)

However, just because you’re getting new window screens doesn’t mean the old ones should end up in the nearest landfill. Keep reading for creative uses for old screens.

First though, a quick detour….

Whenever you have your windows open screens are pretty darn important so keeping them in working order is always a good idea. Window screens, particularly pet screens, help keep your furry friends inside. They also help keep insects out. Not only are insects annoying but they can also be dangerous, especially if someone in your home is allergic to bees. Another danger that window screens can help protect you from is the Zika virus which can be transmitted via mosquito bite.

Contact Jack’s Glass today to learn about having your window screens repaired or replaced.

Once you’re scheduled for new window screens, what are you going to do with the old screens? Don’t just toss them to the curb! As long as your window screens aren’t torn to shreds or crumbling at the slightest touch, there are plenty of creative ways you can put them to use. Here are 6 ways to upcycle old window screens.

#1 – Protect Seeds

Assuming your old window screens aren’t badly torn, you can use them to protect seeds from hungry critters. Simply place the screens over planted seeds. You can secure the screen by placing rocks or other heavy items on the corners or even stake them down. Once the seedlings begin to sprout (show green), remove the screens.

#2 – Filter Paint

Need to use paint that’s been sitting on a shelf in your garage for the last few years? Filter it through an old window screen first to remove any dried chunks or debris. Just pour the paint through the screen into another suitable container.

#3 – Feed Birds

You can use an old window screen as a rustic bird or squirrel feeder. Attach chains and hooks to each corner of the window screen frame and suspend it. Pour a thin layer of bird seed across the window screen.

#4 – Contain Soil in Flower Pots

Keep soil where it belongs by lining flower pots with cut pieces of old window screen. Place the bottom of an empty flower pot on the window screen, trace around it, cut the screen to fit, place the piece of screen in the bottom of the bot, and add soil and plants. Now, when you water the plants, soil will not escape through the holes in the bottom of the pot; however, water will still be able to run out.

#5 – Rinsing Station

If you do gardening on a regular basis you know just what a dirty job it can be. Instead of tracking all that dirt into your home, use an old window screen to create an outdoor rinsing station. Use sawhorses, cinder blocks, or other materials to create a platform to hold up the old window screen. The platform should support the window screen on two sides with nothing underneath the center of the screen so that water can run escape. Place tools, produce, etc. on the screen and rinse away.

#6 – DIY Art Project

Looking for an inexpensive art project? Look no further than that old window screen. Window screens can be painted and then hung up for some homemade decor. This HGTV article will walk you through the steps. Not much of an artist? Consider an abstract work of art. It’s all about getting creative!

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