Unique Glass Design Ideas for Your Home

If you had to name as many uses for glass in the home as fast as you could, you’d definitely get windows and doors. But can you think of anything else?

Glass is a beautiful, functional material that can be used in a wide variety of ways throughout a house. If you are looking for some unique, stand-out ideas for home decor, look no further than glass!

Keep reading for a few of the ideas from the residential glass experts at Jack’s Glass.

Glass Walls

You might be thinking, “Isn’t the point of a wall that it is opaque?” Hear us out: while glass walls obviously don’t offer the same level of privacy as the typical wall (you won’t want a clear glass wall for the family bathroom, in other words), they make up for it in other ways.

A glass wall is a great way to open up a small house. Many houses, particularly those built in decades past, suffer from compartmentalization: they have lots of small rooms that can often feel claustrophobic. For homeowners who desire a more open-concept floor plan, a glass wall can provide the look of open space while maintaining some separation between individual areas.

In addition to opening up a space, glass walls have the benefit of letting in more light. Again, this is great for small houses and rooms with few windows. A glass wall can replace a traditional wall to make a dark room more bright and cheery. (Letting in more natural light, if you remember from our earlier post about energy efficiency, can also help warm your home and lower your heating bill.)

Finally, a glass wall is the perfect option if you have a collection you want to showcase. A library, wine collection, or trophy wall can be showcased and protected with a glass wall (no hands on your beloved items here!).

There are many options for glass walls, including fixed walls, sliding panels, and glass panels within existing walls. The glass itself can be clear, for maximum light and visibility, or etched, for a bit more privacy.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture can fit in perfectly in a wide variety of interior designs. It can be light, modern, and simple, allowing the other elements in the room to shine. Or it can be heavy, retro, and ornate, serving as the focal point of a room.

Some options for glass furniture include glass-topped tables (like coffee tables, end tables, and dining room tables), cabinets with glass doors, and glass shelves. If you’re looking for light, airy glass furniture, you might try looking at contemporary furniture designers and stores; if you’re looking for elegant, period glass furniture (such as Art Deco style pieces), try looking at flea markets and antique furniture stores.

If you have a piece of furniture, like a table, that you love but would like to spruce up, consider adding a glass top! A glass tabletop can add light to an old piece and make it look new again. Jack’s Glass offers custom glass tabletops created to your specifications in just a few days!

For more inspiration when it comes to glass tabletops, read Give Your Office a Distinguished Look With Glass Tabletops. These tips can be used at the office or at home.

Glass Accents

Accent pieces are an easy, low-commitment way to add glass into your decor. Consider adding a mirror or two to your walls and a few vases with flowers to your tables. Glass lighting, such as a modern lamp or Tiffany-style stained glass lamp, can add visual appeal and personality. For even bigger impact, a glass chandelier is a good choice.

There are so many ways to incorporate glass into your space that we couldn’t possibly list them all here! We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration.

If you have questions about glass windows, doors, walls, or furniture, the residential glass experts at Jack’s Glass would be happy to answer them. Our glass designers have been helping homeowners develop custom solutions for their homes for more than 70 years. Call us today!