Tips to Avoid a Car Break-in this Holiday

The holidays are again upon us. This means crowded shopping malls full of both frustrated and festive shoppers. This also means a rise in opportunistic thieves eager to take advantage of your distraction. Many people this season will fall victim to car break-ins. Shopping mall parking lots are a hot spot for these kinds of break-ins and the holiday crowds often offer the perfect cover, making it easier to blend in.

So what can you do to avoid being a victim?

  1. Lock your vehicle: Crooks will often just try door handles looking for the easiest entry to avoid suspicion.
  2. Park in open, well-lit areas: This will make anything out of the ordinary more noticeable.
  3. Hide all valuables out of sight: Store all valuables in your glove box or in the trunk.
  4. Avoid camouflaging: Leave nothing out to make them curious about anything in your vehicle (boxes, bags, etc.).
  5. Keep personal electronics with you: If your personal electronic items (phones, iPods, iPads, GPS, etc.) are not secured safely in your vehicle, keep them with you.
  6. Don’t forget about your chargers: We have had customers lose windows just because a charger was left in sight and a criminal assumed the device was there.
  7. Move your vehicle often: If you are shopping in multiple stores, load your merchandise into your trunk and move closer to the next store in which you are shopping. Save big purchases for last.

It only takes a second to smash car door glass and clean out a front seat, dashboard and console. If you are the unfortunate victim of a smash-and-grab crime, swing by any Jack’s Glass location and we can place crash tape over the opening. Crash tape will keep the elements out, but still allow you to see clearly and safely until your new glass is installed.