The Best Bathroom Windows for Every Space

Bathroom windows pose a bit of a dilemma: you want them to let in lots of natural light (especially because many bathrooms are on the small side) and ventilate the space, but you also want to maintain privacy. Still, with some careful planning, you can have it all!

To help you choose the best bathroom window for your space, we’re discussing how a window’s size, style, placement, and transparency affect your bathroom’s design and functionality.

Window Size

The quickest and easiest way to make a bathroom bigger is to add light—and the easiest way to do this is by letting in as much natural light as possible.

The bigger the window, the more light is let in. Ideally, you would have multiple windows in your bathroom to let in as much light as possible.

Of course, with a huge window comes the problem of privacy—particularly if the window is on the first floor or faces the street (or neighboring house). That’s why we also have to talk about…

Window Transparency

Most windows will be completely transparent, or clear. But in your bathroom, well, that’s not a great idea.

To maintain privacy while still allowing lots of natural light, many homeowners turn to windows that are frosted, stained, seeded, or textured—in short, textured in such a way that you can’t really see what’s behind the glass.

Glass comes in many different styles to suit a variety of bathroom designs. For example, stained glass looks beautiful in old homes (like those with an Art Deco vibe), frosted glass works well in modern bathrooms, and seeded glass looks wonderful in vintage bathrooms. Glass block windows are also a unique option.

You also have the option to install privacy film on the window. This film, as the name suggests, makes the window more opaque to add privacy.

There are also options for varying degrees of transparency. For example, you might consider making the bottom half of the window opaque while keeping the top half clear, or putting a clear half-moon (transom) window above a larger textured window.

Window Style

A window’s style is important for design and aesthetic reasons, of course, but it’s also important for the functionality of the bathroom.

Bathrooms get humid, which makes it necessary that at least one window in your bathroom be operable (aka able to be opened). Having an operable window helps keep the bathroom ventilated, cutting down on excess moisture and all the problems that come with it (mold, rot, odor, etc.).

Operable windows include single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, and sliding. Of these types, awning windows that open at the top or bottom are particularly good for bathrooms: even when open, they maintain the privacy of the person in the bathroom.

Not all of the windows in your bathroom need to be operable, of course. If you want a large, glass block window, for example, you could place a transom or awning window above it.

Window Placement

As with transparency, window placement can do a lot for the privacy of your bathroom.

Windows placed higher on the wall will afford more privacy than those at head height. The shape of the window matters as well: a wide, narrow window placed higher up will let in just as much light as a tall window placed lower—but with more privacy,

Similarly, skylights are a fantastic option for retaining privacy while adding lots of natural light in your bathroom (not to mention a picturesque view of the sky).

You’ll also want to consider window placement when it comes to the design of your bathroom. If you have a wonderful view above the sink or tub, put a window there! (And if the view from your bathroom isn’t amazing, that’s all the more reason to go with an interestingly textured window.)

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