Sun Glare: How to Manage it on Your Commute

Spring is here, which means the sun will soon start to rise earlier and set later. It’s always nice to leave work and see the sun still shining bright. However, that sunlight can be an issue on your commute home, especially if you’re driving westbound just as the sun is setting.

At its best, sun glare is an annoyance. At its worst, it’s a safety hazard, obstructing your ability to see and putting you at greater risk of being in an accident. The good news is there are steps you can take to minimize sun glare, so you can enjoy a more comfortable commute and stay safe on the roads.

Below are three good tips on how you can reduce sun glare this spring and summer.

Keep your windshield clean.

There may be no more cost-effective step you can take to reduce the effects of sun glare than regularly cleaning your windshield. The sun creates a bad enough glare on its own, but that sunlight is amplified by dirt and dust on your windshield.

Do yourself a favor and make an effort to clean your windshield regularly, possibly even each time you stop for gas, or swing through a car wash once or twice a week. Those cleanings will keep your windshield clear and will minimize the effects of sun glare.

Add a tint to your windshield.

If you want to nearly totally eliminate sun glare, you could add a tint to your windshield. The tint will filter out sunlight, giving you a more comfortable drive.

As an added bonus, the tint could also help to keep your car cool while it’s parked in the sun. You no longer have to worry about getting into a car with a hot interior or putting your hands on a scorching steering wheel.

Take care of cracks and chips.

Even a tiny chip in your windshield can be enough to turn a little bit of sun glare into a major problem. When sunlight hits a chip or crack, the light can be reflected and redirected throughout your car. If the chip is near your line of sight, your vision could be totally obstructed.

Take this time to get those chips and cracks filled. Filling a small crack or chip is usually a quick and relatively affordable process. It’s worth the investment to make sure you’ll be able to see this summer.

Do you have chips or cracks in your windshield? Contact us at Jack’s Glass to schedule an inspection. We can look at the crack or chip and recommend either repair or replacement. In most cases, we can complete the job on the spot, at either your work or your home.

Don’t let the sun be an obstruction for you this spring and summer. Implement the recommendations in this article for a comfy commute!