Stylish Options for Shower Enclosures

Is your bathroom overdue for a facelift? If you’re not ready for a complete overhaul, take a look at your shower – too small? Too out-of-date? Simply not your style anymore? With just a few updates, you can turn your ugly or drab shower into something more spacious, striking and stylish. Your dream bathroom transformation starts with a unique, custom shower enclosure. With many beautiful options to choose from for both style and color, it’s easy to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. You can even add special glass applications to any shower enclosures to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

When renovating your bathroom, you have a lot to choose from, so do a bit of research in colorful magazines, trade shows and home improvement stores to see what catches your eye. Giving your shower a total makeover can be both fun and affordable, and can work wonders on the look and feel of your entire bathroom space. Be on the lookout for some of the latest styles and sleek trends, including European-style frameless glass shower doors, mirrors, tub/shower enclosures, stand-offs, all-glass showers and even unique glass applications. European-style frameless glass shower doors can also be called seamless or frameless shower doors, since they use the least amount of metal border around the enclosure, providing a sleek, clean and modern look. Consider paring glass applications with traditional or frameless shower enclosures, and now you’ve added a degree of elegance and fun to brighten up your bathroom.

If space is an issue, all-in-one glass tub/shower enclosures are a good option, as Jack’s Glass offers custom designs in standard or frameless styles to fit your unique space. Stand-offs can also transform a challenging space into an absolute dream by adding the illusion of depth to enhance your space. For beauty and privacy, consider special glass applications, turning any clear glass into functional – yet modest – shower space. Choose from standard motifs offered by your glass expert, or think about going with your own custom designs.

Most of all, remember that you have endless options – consult with a professional like Jack’s Glass for more help and inspiration. Designing your dream bathroom can be made simple and pain-free if you engage the help of professionals that are the best in business. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade that boring old shower and start turning your bathroom into an enchanting oasis that is uniquely yours.