Spring Cleanup: Don’t Forget Screen Door Repair

Throw open your front door and let the spring air in! But because spring also brings its share of bugs and pests, every spring cleaning to-do list should include repairing or replacing your old screen door. In Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, we experienced a tough, often harsh winter, and it’s more than likely that your screen door took a beating from the arctic temps, ice and snow. Screen doors provide a thin layer of protection from the outside, allowing only clean, crisp air to enter your home. But because the screen itself is fragile, you should ensure it’s in tip-top shape so you can best enjoy the fresh spring air free from unwanted pests.

To determine if you need to repair or replace your screens, you must first access any damage. Small rips or tears expand quickly, so if these are spotted, a simple repair is the best solution. Repairs to screen doors are inexpensive and can usually be performed at home with do-it-yourself kits and patches found in most home and garden stores.

If the damage goes beyond the screen, the door might need to be replaced. For screen door replacements in Cincinnati, OH, it’s best to seek professional help for the installation, an often tricky and time-consuming project. A professional like Jack’s Glass will also ensure that your new screen door is installed properly without gaps or cracks – and more importantly, without damaging your door frame. As a bonus, replacing your screen door offers you the opportunity to choose a new style or design option that can refresh or totally revamp the exterior appearance of your home.

If you’re looking for even more function when replacing your screen door, a good option is to choose a storm door. Installing a storm door allows ventilation, similar to a screen door, but provides an added boost for protection against bad weather. Storm doors are also usually available in a much wider range of styles and options. Two common styles of storm doors in Cincinnati, OH, are the full-view style and the mid-view style. Full-view storm doors have undivided glass, allowing the maximum volume of clarity. Mid-view doors are divided into either one panel across or multiple panels.

So give your home a fresh look and feel this season. By repairing or replacing those old screen doors, you can breathe easier knowing your home is protected from springtime invaders. For screen or storm door installation in Cincinnati, OH, contact Jack’s Glass and start your spring off right!

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