Spring Cleanup: Don’t Forget Screen Door Repair

Spring is in the air, and while many people have started spring-cleaning, many will forget about the screen doors! Do your screen doors have rips or tears in them? Replacing those worn-out screens will help protect your home from outdoor pests.

Screen doors allow homeowners to enjoy fresh air without inviting in a host of airborne pests, increasing functionality as well as your home’s attractiveness. But screen doors can become worn due to use – add children and pets to the mix, and chances are you will need to make a repair soon. The only maintenance usually required is to clean the tracks or door frames. With just a few basic steps, you can enjoy the sounds of spring and waves of fresh air in no time.

Most screen doors are made of an aluminum frame with a fiber screen stretched between. The screen is held in place by a piece of rubber known as the spine. Check the spines of your screens to make sure they are still in good shape. Spines become brittle with weather and age, and often are the first things that need to be replaced.

Do your screens look grayish? With the changing of the seasons, some screens will begin to show a graying color, often a sign of collected dirt. The amount of dirt screens can actually hold is deceptive. Simply remove your screens, scrub them with soap and rinse with water, and they will look like new again. It may take two to three repetitions of washing and rinsing before your screens are completely clean.

Next, check the tracks of your sliding screen doors. Do your doors slide halfway and then get stuck? These areas sometimes have a buildup of dirt and grime, which can impede the sliding of the door. Simply remove the screen door and clean the tracks of any debris, and your doors will glide open and shut smoothly through the end of summer.

Nothing shows you care about your home more than when your screen doors are clean and in good repair. Taking the time to do a few simple maintenance tasks will allow you to enjoy the view and the fresh air this summer. So open your doors and let the fresh air inside!