Spring Cleaning: Tips to Make the Glass in Your House Sparkle

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning glass is much more about the cleaning solution and the cloth/material used than how hard you need to work. You’ll need a non-abrasive, streak-free glass cleaner, some newspaper (more on that later), and a soft buffing cloth to finish for some of the more difficult jobs. There are several commercially-available glass cleaners, but you can pick up the best glass cleaner on the market at Jack’s Glass. Just stop in at one of our four Jack’s Glass locations. If that’s not an option, you can also use a simple solution of one part vinegar to two parts water for a chemical-free option. If you mix your own solution, be sure to use distilled water rather than tap water. Mineral deposits in tap water can leave residue or reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning solution. A solution that includes soap should only be used for extremely dirty windows and even then, be sure to use a tiny amount. Soap is notorious for being difficult to rinse of off glass, and it will leave a filmy residue, making glass look cloudy.

Ditch the Paper Towels
Paper towels are the worst choice for cleaning your windows! They leave substantial lint behind and, as they become wet from use, leave noticeable streaks. A chamois or microfiber cloth works very well, but the most economical option is plain old newspaper. Newsprint is non-abrasive, absorbent and won’t leave fibers on the glass. Simply ball up a page of the paper and use as you would any cloth. One note: wear gloves if you clean your glass with newsprint: it works great, but the ink will run and your hands will get black in the process. Once the window is clean, if you notice streaks, a microfiber cloth or chamois (used dry) works great to remove them.

Glass Shower Enclosures
If you have a glass shower, you probably already know if you have hard water, as you’ve seen the telltale residue on the glass… the door looks frosted, but it’s not! These mineral deposits may require a special cleaning product or a more concentrated solution. There are products on the marked designed specifically to tack calcium, lime and rust deposits on glass or fixtures. If this is a chronic problem, the solution might be to install a water conditioner or softener to remove the hard water. Another simple way to reduce buildup from hard water – as well as soap scum and other residue – is to buy a small squeegee to keep in your shower and blade the walls immediately after use. This takes mere seconds but will make glass cleaning substantially easier.

Follow these simple tips and the glass throughout your home will sparkle and shine. Summer is right around the corner. Make sure all of that Summer light shines clearly through your home!

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