Spring Cleaning and Screen Door Repairs

Washing the windows, shampooing the carpets and sending the drapes out for dry cleaning: every spring, we fling open the doors to greet the new season and shake the dust off of a long winter. Soon, we’ll be keeping the windows and doors open to let summertime breezes fill our homes. However, that breeze could bring unwelcome guests if your screen door didn’t weather the Winter well. Mosquitos, bees and other insects will find a way into your home if the screen door is damaged.

Patio Screen Doors
In terms of general maintenance, all that’s required for patio screen doors is keeping the track and rollers clear of debris. However, the screen is made from fiberglass material; meaning it’s lightweight and tears easily. A small hole or tear in your screen can usually be repaired with a patch kit available from most home and garden stores. If replacement is needed, you should consider whether to attach a new screen or replace the entire door.

Screen Doors on Standard Frames
Screen doors attach to the door frame, enabling you to leave the primary door open while the screen door prevents outdoor pests from getting inside. Another popular option is to install a storm door, which offers the same benefits, but with added protection due to the fact that they contain transparent glazing. As an added benefit, storm doors let light in, but protect the inner door from the elements. You can also opt for a screen/storm door combination, with removable panes and screens which can be interchanged and configured either to increase ventilation or provide protection. If damaged, you may need to replace the entire door instead of making repairs. While replacements can be costly, the benefit is that there are many new styles to choose from giving you the opportunity to select a new door that will improve the appearance of your home.

Whichever door you have, spring-cleaning time is a great time to inspect your doors and screens, and look for screen separation or other damage. Summer will be here soon! You’ll love having the doors open, knowing that unwanted insects will be staying outside with the protection offered from a well-maintained screen door.

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