So You Have the Winter Blues? Tips to Brighten Your Home and Mood.

In the summer, it’s easy not to notice a room’s lack of natural light. The bright sun and long days mean that even rooms with little natural light seem warm and inviting. In the winter, however, dark rooms can be downright gloomy, making you never want to spend any time in them.

This winter, why not do something to make your home as bright and cheerful as possible? We’ve got some tips, below, to help you bring more light into your house.

Use mirrors to reflect light.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book because it really works. This tip is especially useful for the rooms in your home that have only one window or have one or more windows facing north, which don’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

Try hanging a decorative mirror on the wall opposite a window. The mirror will reflect both the room and the light from the window, giving you the illusion of a larger, brighter space.

Incorporate glass into your decor.

Glass, like the mirror trick above, will reflect light and make your space appear brighter. Some good options for glass decor include crystal photo frames, glass lighting fixtures, mirrored coasters, and crystal wall art.

Furniture, such as glass tabletops or cabinets with glass inserts, are more great options to help make the room look lighter and larger.

Keep your windows clear.

This may seem obvious, but it’s a good idea to keep your windows free of debris and cleaned regularly. Debris and dirt will block light from entering and generally give the room a grimier appearance. It’s tempting to leave windows for spring cleaning, but giving them a good once-over several times during the winter will be worth it.

Paint the walls (or at least the ceiling).

Dark, moody colors can be a striking statement in a home. In a small room, however, they can make it feel claustrophobic. Consider repainting the walls a lighter color, with just one accent wall in a darker color if necessary. If you do not want to repaint the whole room, paint the ceiling white and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

Remove window screens.

When you aren’t opening your windows, there’s no need for window screens. Take them out at the beginning of the winter season to allow more light to shine through your windows. You’ll be surprised at how much light those screes were actually keeping out.

Remove area rugs in rooms with hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are beautiful on their own, but another benefit to them is that their shine reflects light. (This is also a good time to polish your floors if it’s been a while.) If area rugs are covering up your hardwood, roll them up until spring.

Switch a solid door for a glass one.

This tip works whether the door is interior or exterior. Swapping out a solid interior door for a glass version will make the room feel more open and bright. Doing so with an exterior door will increase the natural light in the room (and give you a nice view).

Update draperies.

Heavy draperies, in addition to feeling slightly dated, have the disadvantage of blocking most natural light. Changing your window treatments from heavy curtains to wooden blinds or roman shades will give you privacy while still allowing natural light to peek through.

Replace your windows so they are more energy efficient.

Heavy curtains are often used not just to maintain privacy but also to keep the room warm when old windows don’t insulate well. Replacing your windows with new energy-efficient ones will help prevent heat loss, lower your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and allow you to let natural light in without sacrificing comfort.

If you need help brightening your home, contact the glass experts at Jack’s Glass. Our glass designers will work with you to make your home more beautiful and efficient.