Small Space, Big Impact: Using Glass to Make a Space Feel Larger

Most people’s dream home includes plenty of windows, an abundance of natural lighting, and large open spaces. Unfortunately, most people aren’t living in their dream home. (At least not yet). If you’re current residence is lacking the adequate number of windows, has more synthetic light than natural, and feels about the size of a shoebox, glass can help. Yes, glass. Here’s how to use glass to make your house feel a little bit more like your dream home.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Utilize mirrors and mirrored surfaces in your home to make spaces feel larger and brighter. Mirrors enlarge and lighten spaces by reflecting light and essentially multiplying. In other words, mirrors give the appearance of more light and more space.

The Element of Surprise
If you want to make a space feel larger but don’t want to clutter every wall with mirrors, take advantage of mirrored surfaces or reflective items. For example, place decorative mirrored trays on end tables.

More is Better
When considering mirrors to help make a space feel larger, don’t be afraid to get creative. For example, instead of using one large mirror use a cluster of mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Not only will this approach save you money but it can also add a bit more of an artistic touch to the space. To tie all the mirrors together and give a unified appearance, paint the frames the same color.

Raise the Roof
If you are going to use a large mirror in a space, consider floor length mirrors versus just hanging a large mirror on the wall. Floor length mirrors draw the eye upwards and help a room feel taller. When it comes to the placement of a floor length mirror, think outside the box. For example, place one behind your couch. This keeps the mirror out of the way yet still gives you the benefits of reflecting light and giving the appearance of more space.

Glass It Up
Another way that glass can make a small space feel open and larger is by eliminating visual barriers. While mirrors reflect light and space, glass exposes and frees up space. This means, wherever possible, you should opt for glass. For example, if you’re dealing with a small bathroom, opt for clear glass shower doors rather than a shower curtain or even frosted glass. The clear glass doors allow your eyes to take in the whole space versus being stopped by a visual barrier. The same is true for glass tables, shelves, and door panels.

Is that Clear?
Glass can only reflect light, remove visual barriers, and allow natural light in if it is clean and clear. This means you should always keep your glass free of dirt, fingerprints, and smudges inside and out. In addition, if you’re dealing with windows, keep shrubs and trees trimmed back so they don’t block natural light. If you’re windows are older and often fog up consult with a window specialist to see what can be done.

Bonus: Accessories Make the Outfit
In addition to the tips about glass, here’s a bonus tip. You can use curtains and curtain rods to help make a space feel a bit larger. For example, place your curtain rods so that they are slightly wider than the actual window; that way, when you open the curtains, you’ll be able to see the entire window (versus loosing some of that valuable glass). In addition, placing the curtain rods higher up (above the window) give the the appearance that the window is longer.

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