Rock Chip Club Membership

This winter – and beyond – Jack’s Glass has you covered with our new inexpensive alternative for windshield repairs. Introducing the Rock Chip Club, a low-cost, one-time investment for repairing windshield chips for free for as long as you own your vehicle. It’s easy and dependable – the cost of your first windshield chip repair covers your full membership in the Rock Chip Club, which means any future chip the size of a quarter or smaller will be repaired for free!

During the winter, small windshield cracks or chips can expand with the cold weather, causing visibility and safety issues – not to mention the potential cost of having to replace your entire windshield. Add in icy roads, snow storms and morning frost, and it’s clear that the winter months are the most vital in which to keep your windshield clear, clean and safe. More importantly, your windshield is your first line of defense in protecting you during a vehicle accident, and if its integrity is compromised, your safety might be as well. With this exclusive offer from Jack’s Glass, you can be assured that your windshield will not only be fixed right the first time, but also have the security of knowing your vehicle will be covered for future chip repairs.

It’s a fact – small cracks and chips in windshields compromise the glass, eventually becoming bigger and weakening the strength and protection of your windshield. Getting small cracks or chips repaired as soon as they are spotted can save you time, money and hassle in the future – and with our new Rock Chip Club, membership makes it even easier to get them done for free. The Rock Chip Club helps cut down on the frequency of insurance claims and is also a great alternative for those without comprehensive insurance.

When it comes to a lifetime of repairs done right, you can count on Jack’s Glass and our Rock Chip Club – where one chip repair automatically covers your membership. So don’t delay when it comes to the safety of your vehicle, and don’t compromise on the quality of your repair. The friendly and professional staff at Jack’s Glass are dedicated to providing you the best service and deals in town. Enroll today and enjoy a lifetime of repairs!