Reviewing Your Windows in Winter

With temperatures plunging – and remaining in the single digits – you simply can’t afford not to winterize your windows. Winterizing your windows not only keeps your home warmer, but can also dramatically reduce your gas bill. Winter brings higher-than-normal demand for propane and natural gas use, but they’ve reached record highs during this especially harsh winter. If you haven’t winterized yet, there is still time to save on your heating costs.

To get started, first determine if your windows are well insulated. Look for loose/cracked panes or damaged seals in windows. Search caulk for cracks or peeling, and closely check all weather stripping. If your caulk is old, it can come loose and break apart, so should be removed and reapplied with new caulk. Also, check the windows inside your home for air leaks. A simple test to determined air leaks is the candle test. Move a lit candle, positioned 6 inches away, along any window – if there is an air leak, the flame will flicker or blow out. If you spot an air leak, you can apply a temporarily fix, but sometimes the most cost-effective solution is replacement.

Once you determine problem areas, you can be proactive. Get started with this list of tips on winterizing your windows:

  • Remove window screens – they are unnecessary during the winter and will also last longer if stored during the cold months
  • Hang heavy curtains or drapes in you home to help insulate heat
  • If you prefer sunshine during the day, try a protective window film instead of drapery
  • Use window insulation kits on the exterior portion of your windows
  • Remove and reapply old or damaged caulk
  • Contact a professional for any concerns or replacements

There are also several options for good weather stripping – try felt, spring v-seal, tubular rubber-gasket weather stripping, adhesive-backed foam or full window insulation kits. Finding out which option is best for you takes only a bit of research or by contacting a professional.

The Cincinnati tri-state area experienced its first snowfall the second week of November – and it isn’t estimated to end until sometime in March. So unfortunately, it seems winter is going to be here for a while. But that doesn’t mean it has to feel like winter in your home. Escape the cold, protect your home from winter storms and save more money by winterizing your windows.

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