Protect Your Auto Glass

Is there a best time for car repairs? There is – and it’s before the cold weather gets here. Winter can wreak havoc on your vehicle, so one of the most important cold weather concerns is to ensure your auto glass is in top condition. Small windshield cracks expand during cold weather, causing potentially dangerous and costly damage. Fortunately, small cracks are usually a fast and affordable repair, and can save your windshield from needing to be replaced entirely. With a small investment now, you can save yourself time and money – because the holidays are never an ideal time to need a costly auto repair.

Another winter tip for keeping your auto glass in good condition is to remove ice using scrapers, the correct and most effective way to clear your car’s windshield and windows. Never use hot water – even moderately warm water can turn into freezing ice in seconds, ultimately causing a bigger problem but also potentially damaging your glass. To best remove ice from your windshield, choose an ice scraper that fits your car’s size and is easy for you to use, making the chore of scraping your glass less of a hassle.

Winter usually means longer nights, freezing rain, snow and hail – so maximizing visibility is vital for safety during this season. One of the most important safety measures for winter driving is to keep your windshield clean and clear.

Looking for some quick tips on how to protect your auto glass and keep your windshield clear during the winter? Try these:

  • Fill your windshield washer with de-icer fluid – and keep it full – to ensure you can always easily clear dirt, salt and slush from your windshield while driving
  • Check to see if your wiper blades are old, damaged or ineffective – being sure to replace wipers if needed
  • Always scrape ice completely off before driving
  • Keep your windows clear by cleaning them outside and inside frequently
  • Fix all cracks when they appear, to avoid them becoming a bigger problem
  • Contact a professional, if you have any concerns or need repairs

Cold weather and winter driving are often stressful enough on their own – so take time and care to be prepared, stay safe and protect your auto glass before a costly or damaging problem occurs.