Now Is the Best Time to Repair & Replace Your Windows

Window repair and replacement can be a tricky job, and the best time to do it is when the weather is nice. In Kentucky, that means that spring and early summer is the ideal time to repair or replace your windows.


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Drafts and Your Heating Bill

The first and most obvious reason to repair or replace your windows in the spring? Your heating bill. If you do window repairs in the cold, you’ll probably be letting in drafts and cold air that will make you want to crank up the heat. The drafty air will make your home less comfortable and increase your heating bill. (If you’re replacing more than one window, this is especially true!)

If you have a budget for home renovations (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to avoid spending extra money on heating.

Window Materials & the Cold

The first reason was probably pretty obvious. But did you know that the materials (like caulk) used in window repair and replacement are actually affected by the cold? It’s true! That’s why it’s even more important to do this chore in the spring or summer.

First, caulk works best in warmer weather. Latex caulk, for example, really should only be applied when it’s warm. You might have seen something on the packaging that says, “Apply in temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.” This is because, when it’s too cold, the latex will freeze and prevent the caulk from adhering properly. (Also, notice that 80 degrees is the maximum temperature: don’t plan to apply caulk on a 90-degree day in August, or the caulk won’t cure properly.)

Also, all windows expand in hot weather and contract in cold weather. (Even glass expands and contracts!) If you install your windows when it’s extremely cold, you can expect the caulk to crack when the window expands in the heat.

When You Have to Repair or Replace Your Window in Cold Weather

At some point, you might need to repair or replace your windows in cold weather. (Maybe a neighbor kid accidentally throws a baseball through your window, or high winds throw a tree branch into your window.) The good news is that you can still fix your windows: it just requires a little more planning and elbow grease.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, check the weather. You’ll want to make sure your installation isn’t scheduled during snow or rain. Instead, do it on a day that is sunny and (relatively) warm. Wait until later in the morning to start to give the materials time to warm up a bit.

Then, make sure to take steps so that your home isn’t an ice box during the renovations. Repair or replace one window at a time, and use plastic sheets (floor to ceiling) to keep cold air from moving into the rest of the house. Also, keep the door to the room closed.

When choosing caulk, make sure to look for one with a silicone or rubber base. These can be used in colder temps and won’t freeze. Also make sure that the surface where the caulk will be applied is clean and dry. Snow, ice, or dirt that gets between caulk and the window frame will prevent the caulk from adhering properly.

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