Now AGSC Validated to Better Serve You!

Jack’s Glass is proud to announce that we are now officially an Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) validated company. The AGSC is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass and was responsible for developing the first and only auto glass replacement standards in North America. Jack’s Glass has been adhering to AGSC standards for years now, and when they began offering a member validation program, we were among the first auto glass shops in the region to apply for and earn this important safety certification.

Why should AGSC Validation matter to customers?

What most people don’t realize about auto glass is that it’s one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. In the event of a rollover or crash, your windshield and windows are engineered to protect passengers by providing additional structural support for the vehicle.

While every piece of auto glass, whether laminated or tempered, is manufactured with enhanced safety features, these features could be mitigated if the glass is not installed correctly. This means that a poor installation could put you and your family at greater risk if you are involved in an accident.

To help avoid this problem, the AGSC has come forth with comprehensive safety standards for installing replacement auto glass. However, these guidelines are optional and in no way mandatory for shops to follow. Individual auto glass shops can adhere to or ignore standards as they wish.

That is, unless that shop is AGSC validated (such as Jack’s Glass), which means they have gone through an extensive on-site review with an independent third-party examiner to certify that their employees are trained on and follow the organization’s strict safety guidelines.

Why go to an AGSC validated shop?

There’s no shortage of discount auto glass replacement shops willing to give customers a deal, even if it means cutting corners to cut costs. Of course, you have to ask yourself if saving a few bucks is really worth risking your safety. Additionally, some large auto-glass chains will claim to have their own company-wide ‘installation standards’ but don’t back them up with independent verification or inspections.

The value of going to an AGSC-validated shop is knowing that the job will be done the right way and the safest way. AGSC validation is the only certification of its kind in the industry and requires participating shops to submit to regular audits as well as provide ongoing safety trainings to its employees. This means no shortcuts, full disclosure, and the assurance that your auto glass repair was done to the highest recognized standards.

At Jack’s Glass, your safety is our number one concern, and that’s why we’re proud to now serve you as an AGSC-validated shop.

Learn more about the AGSC and their industry-leading safety standards.

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