Let There Be Light! Sunrooms and Patio Rooms

Let There Be Light! Sunrooms and Patio Rooms

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home – think first about letting in some light! Sunrooms, conservatories and patio rooms are a great way to open up your home to the beauty of nature while still being protected from the elements. Natural light can be very therapeutic, as well as provide heat and energy for your home. So if you’re wanting to add some light to your life – and your home – consider the differences, uses and benefits of all your options to see which one suits your needs and space best.

Sunrooms are usually built into the exterior or side of a home for further enjoyment and access to your scenic landscape. Sunrooms often feature large windows and sometimes glass or plastic paneled roofs to create a vibrant, natural atmosphere. Sunlight will heat up the room rather quickly, even on cold days, providing warmth and light to parts of your home. More importantly, sunrooms are extremely versatile, and can be used as alternate, bright areas for dining, reading, exercising or entertaining. They can also double as a child’s playroom, an at-home office or a dedicated space for growing houseplants. Whatever you desire, a sunroom can be a focal point for peace, warmth and enjoying the outdoors while still inside.

Conservatories, on the other hand, are similar to sunrooms but usually differ in their use and function. Sometimes known as greenhouses, conservatories have glass roofs and walls and are usually attached to the side of a home. Conservatories are great for growing plants, providing the perfect environment for them to thrive with their controlled temperatures and plenty of natural sunlight. While used primarily for indoor gardening, many people use conservatories just as they would a sunroom, converting the space into a luminous dining room or even as a relaxing gym or spa.

Patio rooms are usually attached to the front or the back of the home, and function as semi-outdoor recreational room. Patio rooms typically appear as an enclosure built over a patio, made of either glass or screen – perfect for an alternate relaxing or sitting area. An existing patio can easily be converted to this enclosed style, or added from scratch. Similar to sunrooms, they provide an outdoor feel as well as protection from excessive heat, rain and insects.

For any of the options, you can choose from aluminum, wood or vinyl interior to line the windows, which each come in many different style options to create the perfect addition to your home. So don’t live in the shadows, come into the light – visit Jack’s Glass in the Cincinnati area and get started remodeling today!

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