Kitchen Remodel Ideas We Love

Here at Jack’s, we love a good kitchen remodel. There is something so satisfying about helping homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams—after all, it’s one of the rooms homeowners spend the most time in (not to mention one of the rooms that adds the most value to the home).

You might not know this, but Jack’s doesn’t just do installation: we also offer full-scale design help!

If you’d like a professional’s input on your new kitchen, feel free to contact us today for an in-home consultation. In the meantime, however, here are a few ideas—both traditional and non-traditional—to help you get started.

For the “Outside the Box” Homeowners

If you want your kitchen to be unique, unusual, modern, or untraditional, there are some great things you can do with glass. Here are a few ideas we love.

Glass countertops

Glass is fantastic for countertops because it has a number of advantages over other materials. It’s very durable (seriously!), so it won’t discolor or wear down over time. It’s heat-resistant (unlike quartz), meaning you can set down hot pots and pans without fear of the countertop warping. It’s also extremely easy to clean: just wipe up spills! (This is unlike other materials, like granite, marble, or butcher block, which are porous and can become discolored from spills.) Finally, glass countertops can be very eco-friendly if you choose a recycled option.

Glass countertops come in a wide variety of styles:

  • Backpainted glass, which can be painted to suit any color scheme and looks perfect in a modern or contemporary kitchen
  • Recycled glass chips set in concrete, an eco-friendly option that suits an eclectic kitchen
  • Textured glass, which gives an eye-catching look to a modern kitchen
  • Glass with embedded LED lights, which looks perfectly at home in an ultra-modern, futuristic kitchen
  • Waterfall edge glass, a countertop that continues over the edge and lets a kitchen island really take the show

Backsplash windows

Why have tile, when you can have windows? If your kitchen overlooks a garden, yard, or scenic area, using windows as a backsplash can be a beautiful choice.

Backsplash windows serve to open up the space, make it brighter, and let in the outdoors. Consider one long, horizontal window under wall cabinets or a tall window above a kitchen sink.

This idea works well in all spaces, from traditional to contemporary.

Glass room dividers

Open floor plans can be beautiful: they give a sense of airiness and light to a space; however, they’re not always possible in a home. To get the look of an open floor plan, consider using glass for the divider wall between a kitchen and dining or living room area. It’s perfect for when you want to open up the space but need a wall.

Glass walls work well in modern and contemporary homes.

For the Traditionalists

Glass can look modern and even avant-garde—but if that’s not your style, there are also many ways to use glass that are timeless. Here are some other, more traditional ideas. (After all, the classics are classic for a reason.)

Glass cabinets

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention glass cabinets. This idea has stood the test of time, in part because there are so many ways to do it. No matter your kitchen’s style (or level of clutter), there is a way to incorporate glass cabinets. You can install all glass cabinets or just a few as an accent. You can choose cabinet styles that are modern or vintage. And you can even choose from among a huge variety of glass styles, like transparent, frosted, leaded, seeded, patterned, textured, and stained.

Glass backsplash tiles

If you don’t want a glass window as a backsplash (say, your kitchen faces your neighbor’s home), consider glass tiles as a backsplash instead. Glass tiles are popular for much the same reason that glass itself is: they are not only beautiful but also reflective—making a kitchen seem lighter and more spacious. 

Glass tiles also come in a wide variety of colors and textures (from mosaic to subway), making them perfect in all sorts of kitchens.

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