Keeping Your Windshield Clear, Clean and Safe

Nothing adds more to the challenge of keeping our windshields clean and scratch-free like winter. During winter snow, ice and cold, it’s vital to have a clear, unobstructed view while driving through potentially hazardous road conditions. But keeping your windshield clear, clean and safe is not always easy, and if you don’t know the right way to keep it clean during the cold season, you could even cause damage to the glass.

To keep your windshield in top condition this winter, remember these important points:

  • Keep your windshield washer full of de-icing fluid to easily clear dirt, salt and slush while driving
  • Replace wipers when needed – if your windshield isn’t getting clean, it may be time for new wipers
  • Always scrape ice completely off before driving, both front and back – a common step many people rush through or perform only partially
  • Clean your windows both inside and out to ensure the clearest visibility conditions
  • Fix all cracks and chips as they appear – and before they become a bigger problem
  • Always contact a professional, if you have any concerns or need repairs

Most importantly, always use an ice scraper never hot water to clear off your windshield! Using hot water to clean your windshield could cause cracks. And always use winter wiper fluids to avoid smearing from the slush, salt and debris.

It’s no secret that winter driving can sometimes damage your car. The salt, the frigid temps and ice can wreak havoc on your windows. But old, worn wipers paired with gritty road slush debris can also cause scratches on your windshield. Scratches and small cracks can actually expand in the wintertime due to cold weather, causing visibility issues.

You can also prevent buildup by protecting your windshield with frost and ice shields, which loosen up snow, ice and debris, and make it easier for windshield wipers to brush away overnight accumulation and help prevent scraper scratching. Products like these are simply sprayed onto vehicle windows at night, and by morning, overnight buildup is easier to remove. Alternately, using a winter car blanket, similar to summertime sun shades, covers your car to also prevent snow and ice buildup.

With our trusty groundhog spotting his shadow earlier this month and dooming us to six more weeks of winter, it seems we might not see the end of snow and ice until late March. So as winter storm surges continue to plow through Northern Kentucky, make sure your windshield is in top condition to keep you safe on the roads.

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