How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

You love the look of glass-front kitchen cabinets: they make the kitchen appear larger, more open, and lighter—not to mention, they’re beautiful and timeless. It helps make your kitchen a space you actually want to spend time in.

But what about clutter? This is a question we get from many homeowners who fear that the glass cabinet look will be spoiled by the clutter in their cabinets.

The good news? There are tons of work-arounds that help you get the kitchen of your dreams without spending ages arranging your cabinets every day.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your cabinets stay beautiful.

#1 Declutter like Marie Kondo.

If Tupperware and other kitchenware fall out of your cabinets every time you open them, it might be time to declutter. You can use the popular “Kon-Mari” method if you like having a system for organization, or you can simply go through your cabinets for things to donate.

We recommend taking everything out, then only putting back what you use every day—things like cutlery, serving ware, cooking tools, cutting boards, spices, etc.

Getting rid of a large amount of clutter will help you keep your cabinets organized and make your day easier.

#2 Get clever with your junk.

Let’s say you’ve done your decluttering, and you still have a lot of stuff that you need in your kitchen. (Stuff that you don’t necessarily want people to see.)

Consider using a bar cart or movable kitchen island for storage: you’ll get the “junk” out of your cabinets while still keeping it nearby and accessible for daily use.

#3 Think beyond “display.”

Some homeowners think that glass cabinets are only for display. Not true! You can have glass cabinets even if you don’t have family heirlooms. You can—and should—use what’s behind the glass doors, especially if you have limited cabinet space.

Even the most ordinary plates, cups, and glasses look more elegant behind glass doors: don’t worry that your kitchenware isn’t “display-worthy.” You can make your items look more “display” by incorporating other decorative but useful elements, like a basket to hold spices or a series of colorful cookbooks.

To jazz up ordinary dishware, also consider painting or wallpapering the back of the cabinet, behind the dishes. This looks modern and makes your cabinets (and their contents) look more exciting.

#4 Install glass sparingly.

Not every single cabinet in your kitchen needs to have a glass-front door. In fact, spacing out your glass cabinets make them accent pieces in your kitchen. (See the image at the top of this post: only one cabinet has glass doors, making it a focal point in the room.)

As a bonus, this means that all of your cabinets need not be pristine: the fully wooden ones can be messy and disorganized, and no one has to know!

#5 Keep some mystery.

There are several ways to have glass cabinets without having to worry about clutter at all: choosing textured glass, and using a large outside frame.

Textured glass allows you to have all the beauty of glass cabinets while obscuring what’s behind the glass. Consider textures like frosted, acid-etched, or sandblasted, which are opaque with a smooth, white appearance. There is also reeded or leaded glass, which can look clear but with a three-dimensional texture that blurs what’s behind. Patterned or stained glass is also beautiful, whether your kitchen is modern or vintage.

Using a large wooden frame around the glass is another way to hide the cabinet’s contents. Basically, the larger the wooden frame is, the smaller the glass panes are in the cabinet door—and the less you see inside. If you choose a door with a thick wooden frame and muntins (the wooden bar separating several panes of glass), you’ll get the look of glass without too much transparency.

Ready for new cabinets?

We hope this helps you give your kitchen the showroom look without the hassle! If you have more questions or are ready to get started, call the glass cabinet experts at Jack’s Glass today.

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