How to Save Energy Costs with Window Air Conditioning

Wanting to dramatically cut your energy bill costs this summer? To avoid suffering from both the excessive heat and high utility bills, simply invest in a good window air conditioning unit. Window air conditioning units actually use less energy than central air, and are cheaper than updating or installing new heating and cooling systems. Window units are a quick, inexpensive option that helps you save energy without sacrificing comfort, especially during the summer in areas like Cincinnati, OH.

To get started, be sure to choose a window air conditioner that is appropriate for your space. When buying a window unit, always measure both the space of your home and the windows themselves to find the most compatible option for your home. Consider investing in a more expensive, more reliable unit – remembering that it will mostly likely pay for itself with longer life, better efficiency and fewer repairs.

If you already have a window air conditioner that’s older, don’t necessarily jump to buy new – a few simple steps are all that’s needed to restore it to maximum efficiency. Likewise, remember these to keep your new unit in top working condition:

  • Turn off air conditioner when no one is home
  • Clean the filter often, helping it run smoother and use less energy
  • Raise the temperature a degree or two – a usually unnoticeable adjustment that also saves energy costs
  • Don’t dramatically lower temperatures to cool your home faster – this only expends more energy and stresses your unit’s motor
  • Choose an air conditioner with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating
  • Throughout your house, seal windows properly to prevent air leaks
  • Use heavy curtains or drapes to shade your home’s inside from the sun and keep it naturally cooler
  • Try adding UV protective window films to not only protect against harmful UV rays but to help keep your home cool and fully seal its windows

Be smarter and save more money this summer with these energy efficient tips and tricks. Energy bills in Cincinnati, OH, are higher than ever before, but you don’t have to suffer the heat to save. Contact Jack’s Glass for more information about making your windows more energy efficient.

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