How to Cover a Broken Car Window

It’s a bad idea to leave a broken car window uncovered for long: the inside of your car will be exposed to dirt, debris, rain, snow, insects, and potentially even animals! On top of the exposure to the elements, having a broken window puts your belongings and the car itself at increased risk of theft. So what should you do? In today’s post, we’re discussing how to cover a broken car window.

Keep reading to learn how best to temporarily cover your broken car window until you can get it fixed.

How You Should Cover Your Broken Car Window

First and foremost, remember that the covering you put on is temporary. It’s important to get a window or windshield repair scheduled ASAP, as driving with a broken window can be dangerous. (Did you know Jack’s Glass offers mobile glass repair, so you don’t even have to drive yourself? We’ll come to you!)

Covering the broken window is essentially a stopgap: a way to protect the inside of your car from damage until you can get the window fixed.

Before you go about covering the window, it’s important to do a few things:

  1. Remove the damaged glass. Put on gloves to protect your hands, then remove the shards of glass from inside the car. You may also need to dislodge any broken pieces still stuck in the window frame (gently!) with a hammer or other tool.
  2. Vacuum the inside of the car. Vacuum bits of glass and debris from the inside of the car. While tempered and laminated glass isn’t as sharp as regular glass, it can still cut, so be thorough!
  3. Clean the window frame. Wipe down the frame of the window to remove dirt and dust. (This will help the tape stick better to the window frame.)
  4. Use masking tape to cover the frame. Use masking tape, specifically, to cover the frame and protect your car’s paint job. Don’t use duct tape or other kinds of tape, as this can leave adhesive residue or damage the paint.

What should you use for a window covering?

You have a few options. In a pinch, you can use a heavy-duty trash bag. This isn’t the best option, since trash bags obviously obscure your vision. Be sure to tape a trash bag to the outside of the window as well as the inside to better seal the opening.

The better option is to use a lattice of clear tape or crash wrap from the local hardware store.

For smaller windows, a lattice of clear tape is often enough. To do this, you place strips of clear tape vertically from one end of the window to the other. (Make sure they overlap slightly, so there aren’t gaps.) Once this is done, do the same thing, but place the tape horizontally. Do this on both the inside and the outside of the window.

For your back windshield, crash wrap is a better bet. This is an adhesive-backed plastic film designed for covering broken car windows. Collision wrap is much like cling film: you pull the amount you need from the roll, cut it, and place it on the window frame to seal it.

Need Window Repair or Replacement?

If your car has a broken window or windshield, you can count on us. Jack’s Glass has decades of experience helping car owners fix chips, cracks, and outright breaks—fast. Our mobile glass service will come to you! Plus, we’ll even deal with your insurance company on your behalf.

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