How long does windshield replacement take?

Need a windshield replacement? Windshield replacements are extremely important if you have any kind of damage to your windshield. It only takes an hour for a crack to expand and become dangerous, so taking care of it as soon as possible is always the safest bet. Luckily, the procedure for a window replacement is quick and uncomplicated. Windshield replacement technicians specialize in safe, effective windshield repair and replacement. The time to fix the damage is short but critical in order to make your vehicle safe to drive again. Want to know exactly what happens during repair and replacement? The following is a brief look at the process.

Before windshield technicians begin the work of removing a windshield, they take extra steps to inspect the surrounding frame for scratches, dents, or rust that could affect proper installation and damage your vehicle. They then carefully remove any parts that might interfere with the procedure, such as wipers, mirrors, or windshield visors.

After all preparations are complete, technicians begin the removal process. First and foremost, they very carefully unfasten all chrome and rubber moldings. Generally, this molding is not suitable to be reused, so new will be installed. If necessary, technicians will then use a specialized knife to cut through any urethane adhesive. Even then, windshields may be difficult to remove, so additional specialized tools and techniques are often used to complete the process.

After the windshield has been removed, technicians prepare the existing surface, removing as much old, excess adhesive in order to ensure a better bonding, as well as priming it to eliminate cross contamination. If body damage is present technicians will sometimes start with a “dry fit” process to determine and mark exactly how the new glass will be positioned before using adhesive. When the surfaces are fully prepared adhesive is applied and the new windshield is very carefully lowered into place.

If the fit is perfect, new glass does require time to cure completely before you can safely drive away, approximately 2 hours depending on the complexity of the replacement. When drying is complete, your vehicle is once again ready to drive – and more importantly, safe to do so. Be cautious of auto glass companies that promise very quick and cheap windshield replacements as you could be jeopardizing your safety. Jack’s Glass follows the installation procedures and practices outlined by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Want to learn more about windshield replacements or schedule an appointment to have yours done? Contact Jack’s Glass in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area.

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