Have You Considered Glass Countertops for your Outdoor Kitchen?

If you’ve ever designed or are designing an outdoor kitchen, there’s a good chance you have or plan to install granite countertops. That’s been the most common option and a de facto industry standard for years. But have you ever thought about installing glass? If not, you should; glass is not only durable, easy to clean and economical, but the color and design options will make it a focal point for your outdoor entertaining. Let’s discuss these benefits in greater detail.

Glass countertops are available in thicknesses of 1 ½” to 4” making it a superior and durable surface to handle the demands of outdoor living. Plus, glass won’t fade in the sunlight. Prolonged exposure to rain, wind or the elements won’t damage the glass or change its appearance.

Easy Maintenance
Keeping countertops clean is important in any kitchen, and outdoor kitchens are no exception. Glass countertops are among the most hygienic surfaces because they are impervious to bacteria, dirt and grime. Plus, they are easily cleaned with a wide variety of products, which are antibacterial, as well as safe for food preparation.

Beautiful Designs
The options are practically endless for designing a glass countertop. You can opt for natural glass with a variety of textures or add color to the glass creating truly unique countertops. Try a single hue or mix multiple colors for a beautiful custom design. For a true show-stopper, incorporate LED lighting beneath your glass countertop for stunning effects. Imagine family and friends gathered outside for a backyard barbeque while entertaining from your amazing outdoor kitchen. A glass countertop is sure to be the focal point.

New Construction or Remodel
If you’re in the design and construction phase for your outdoor kitchen, it will be easy to incorporate glass countertops into the project. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, consider updating with glass countertops. Swap out faded, scratched or outdated countertops with the contemporary look of glass. You’ll get a fresh new look and the opportunity to add artistic flair with a splash of light and color, too. Replacing countertops with glass is easy; they can be cut and designed to fit any dimensions. Plus, installation is very similar to the process for other countertop surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly
If you’re looking for an eco-friendly countertop building material for your outdoor kitchen countertops, glass is the perfect solution. Choose a countertop made of 100% recycled glass. This is just one more reason why glass is such a wonderful option. Beautiful, durable, economical and environmentally responsible: glass offers all of these amazing benefits and more.

Jack’s Glass is your glass countertop expert, with more than 65 years in the glass business. Call us today to learn about custom glass countertops, available thicknesses, textures, colors and ideas for incorporating lighting into your outdoor kitchen design. We’re here to assist you with every aspect of your decision regarding glass countertops for your outdoor kitchen, from design to installation and maintenance.

Jack’s Glass excels in glass repair, replacement and design. Jack’s Glass provides repair and replacement for auto glass and custom solutions shower and tub enclosures and many other residential glass items. We also do custom glasswork for businesses, and proudly serve Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky with locations in Elsmere, Covington, Alexandria and Dry Ridge.

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