Have a Smart Car? Here’s Why You Need Professional Windshield Repair

Back in the day, cars didn’t even have windshields, seat belts, or airbags. Today, we have cars with sophisticated driver assistance systems, rearview cameras, automatic braking, and collision avoidance.

All of these new features are wonderful for making our roads safer and even saving lives. But there’s a small caveat to new “smart” car technology: it requires more complex maintenance and repair.

Even windshield repair and replacement is more complex—requiring the service of the professionals (instead of the DIY kit you can buy on Amazon).

But why is that? What does a windshield have to do with driver assistance systems or collision avoidance?

Keep reading to find out!

How “Smart” Features Work

Today’s new “smart” features involve a complex and sensitive set of components, including cameras, lasers, sensors, and radar. For example, smart cars now have cameras tucked behind the windshield and sensors installed in the front grille and bumper. 

Take the lane departure and collision warning systems: these features warn the driver when the car is about to drift out of its lane or collide with an object in the road. How do they do that? The specifically placed and calibrated cameras and sensors work to detect and classify objects in the road and to recognize lane markings along the road. When there is a hazardous object in the road or when the car drifts into another lane without a turn signal, the system is set to alert the driver.

For advanced driver assistance systems to work, the cameras, sensors, and other parts need to work properly. If any of these parts are calibrated or aligned incorrectly, the system could steer the car off a cliff (instead of keeping it in the lane) or slam on the brakes (even when there’s nothing in the road)!

These smart features are sensitive, and can be damaged not just in major crashes but also in minor accidents (like a fender bender) and even through windshield damage. That’s right: damage to your windshield, or an improper windshield repair/replacement, can cause issues with your car’s smart features.

Why Windshield Repair Matters for Smart Features

Your windshield must be repaired or installed properly, or your driver assistance systems may fail. That’s because the windshield is also a part of these systems.

For example, the camera behind the windshield needs to be recalibrated during a repair or replacement, in case it is out of alignment. Also, the slope of the windshield needs to be correct when installed, or the radar sensors may look at the wrong spot on the road. In addition, it’s often necessary to perform dynamic calibration—driving the car in specific conditions, for a certain amount of time—so the system verifies that the car has been calibrated correctly.

These are repairs that are too complicated for the average car owner. That’s why it’s important that the work is done by professionals. (Unfortunately, there isn’t a DIY window repair kit out there that will calibrate these systems for you!)

Having a professional windshield repair and replacement technician perform these repairs will ensure that your smart car works as it should—helping you to avoid an accident in the future.

Need a Windshield Repair or Replacement?

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