Facts about Windshield Replacement & Insurance

Facts about Windshield Replacement and Insurance

Replacing or repairing your windshield is inevitable. Most windshield cracks are attributed to road hazards such as loose gravel, stones and rocks. They can be kicked up from behind a vehicle or slung across the lane from a passing car. Small gravel can leave a pit or chip in your windshield that may only be microscopic in size. These small chips and pits can expand to your entire windshield if not repaired. If done in time, auto glass repair may be a viable alternative to replacing the entire windshield.

Does your car insurance cover windshield replacement?

According to insurance statistics, up to 30% of damaged windshields can be successfully repaired. In some cases, the blemish may not be completely removed. There are four states that offer zero deductible for windshield replacements; Kentucky, Florida, Massachusetts and South Carolina. In these states the insurance companies are required by law to allow you to purchase windshield replacement using your car insurance with no deductible, as long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers drivers against non-collision car damage. This includes fire, theft, vandalism and accidental occurrences. Like hitting a deer, experiencing a pebble crack in your windshield falls in to the accidental occurrences category. If your automobile insurance plan has liability coverage only, then insurance will not cover your cracked windshield. Liability coverage rarely (if ever) covers glass replacement, meaning the driver could have to foot the entire bill.

Should I file a claim with my insurance company for replacement?

Glass replacement companies, like Jack’s Glass, are familiar with insurance policy requirements when it comes to windshield replacements. In most cases, your insurance company will be contacted for approval once a request has been made. Your insurance provider and coverage variety is often the only information the service company will need to determine if your services are covered. Filing a claim for a windshield replacement rarely causes an increase in premiums. Most insurance firms take into account that a cracked windshield can happen to anyone. Your rates are not likely to increase, as this type of claim is rarely the driver’s fault. Knowing how your insurance applies to these circumstances can make replacing the glass in your automobile less stressful and can lead to a smoother restoration process.

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