Don't Wait to Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades!

Snow, ice, rain, sleet, hail, and salt: cold-weather conditions can be rough on your car, especially your windshield wiper blades. They do the tough job of keeping your windshield clean and clear during the worst weather.

When was the last time you replaced your windshield wiper blades? If you can’t remember, or if your wiper blades are making an awful scraping or squeaking sound as they pass over your windshield, it’s time to get a new pair!

There are several reasons it’s crucial not to wait to replace your windshield wiper blades.

Good windshield wipers keep you safe: Windshield wipers are a safety feature. They’re what allow you to see through your windshield by wiping away rain and clearing away dirt and debris. It can be easy to overlook the condition of your windshield wiper blades—until you’re suddenly blinded by rain or dirt on your windshield. When that happens, it could be too late to avoid an accident.

Old windshield wipers damage your windshield: Worn-down blades could actually be damaging your windshield. When the rubber part of the wiper blade is worn away, what is left it the plastic and metal wiper arm. If you allow the wiper arm to constantly rub against the glass, it can cause scratches. These scratches can reduce your visibility (a safety hazard) and can even turn into cracks requiring repair.

On average, you should replace your windshield wiper blades every six months or so. Before purchasing new blades, you should inspect them. (Sometimes, all it takes is a good cleaning with glass cleaner or windshield wiper fluid to remove dirt from the blade’s rubber and get it to work properly again.)

It’s time to toss the wiper blades when the rubber on the blade is chipped or rigid. You can also tell that it’s time for replacements when the blades leave streaks of water, miss areas entirely, or smear water instead of wiping it away.

Don’t replace just one blade! If one is in poor condition, it’s likely that the other one is as well.

When choosing wiper blades, the most important factor is that the blade fits your windshield. Windshield shapes can vary, so don’t just listen to what one person or website says is the “best” wiper blade. Another big factor is the type of windshield wiper that came with your car. If your car came with a conventional blade, you can replace it with that. If your car came with a beam blade (a more expensive blade that doesn’t use an external frame), that is what you should get.

Jack’s Glass is your windshield expert. If your windshield is scratched, chipped, or cracked, call Jack’s for professional, fast, and easy repair or replacement. We’ll even come directly to your car and work with your insurance company on your behalf. Contact the location nearest you today!