Did You Know… Three Services Jack’s Glass Shop Offers

For more than 70 years, Jack’s Glass has provided the greater Cincinnati area with high-quality glass solutions. We’ve worked hard to be the area’s go-to glass experts, handling everything from glass design to repair to replacement for residences, businesses, and of course, automobiles. While you’re probably familiar with some of our services such as windshield repair and home window replacement, there are a few we’d love to get you more acquainted with. Without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to:

Customer Shower Enclosures

That’s right, Jack’s Glass can make your home beautiful inside and out!

Custom shower enclosures are a great way to make any bathroom feel a tad more upscale. They also bring a feeling of spaciousness and light to the room that is hard to achieve with any other decor change.

In addition to changing the look and feel of your bathroom, custom shower enclosures can cut down on upkeep. In fact, they require very little maintenance. Check out some of the other benefits of customer shower enclosures.

Think a shower enclosure couldn’t work in your bathroom? Think again! Jack’s Glass offers a variety of custom options including three-eights and half-inch shower enclosures in a variety of glass types including clear and patterned. Learn more.


This services refers to taking an existing window frame and replacing the damaged or missing screen.

Window screens are a great way to enjoy fresh air without opening your home up to uninvited guests. Window screens are more important today than ever since some uninvited guests are more than just a nuisance and can actually be dangerous. For example, a mosquito that comes in through an open window may carry the Zika virus.

Having Jack’s Glass rescreen your windows can save you time and money. If your windows are an odd size, ordering a full replacement may be no quick fix and can be costly. Using the existing window frame and just adding a new screen may be a much better option.

See other residential glass services Jack’s Glass offers.

Jack’s Glass is proud to offer these three services and many more to be your one-stop shop for glass. When you choose Jack’s, your choosing industry experts who put a focus on service, safety, and style. Contact us today to discuss your glass needs and get a quote.