Deter Break-ins with Proper Window Safety

Like most, you’re probably planning to take a vacation this summer – and like most, you probably already know that this is the time when your home is most vulnerable to break-ins. But by following a few window safety tips, you can rest easy while you’re away knowing you’ve taken the best precautions to keep your home safe.

Windows and doors are the most common ways to break into a home, so naturally they are your first line of defense. Properly securing your windows and doors can not only help protect your home from an invader, it can also give you added peace of mind while enjoying your vacation.

When going on vacation, it’s important not to post details of your upcoming trip or plans on social media sites. You also don’t want your home to appear vacant, so keeping lights on or having a trusted house sitter check on your home while you’re away is an excellent idea. To take things up a notch, you may wonder if you should install a security alarm on windows. As always, alarm systems of any kind are a smart investment, but if money is an issue, you can always boost the illusion of high-tech, house-wide security by adding home security logo stickers on windows and doors. Thieves are often deterred by homes that appear to have security systems.

Additionally, keep your valuables out of view – closing blinds and drawing curtains are a good way to block people from easily seeing what’s inside your house. Remember to check to ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked, especially the ones you don’t use often.

Another way to deter break-ins is to shatterproof your windows using protective security films. Most are a simple but durable polyester adhesive that is applied directly to your windows, giving them an extra layer of strength and making them more difficult to break.

Metropolitan areas and large cities are at particularly high risk for residential burglaries. Residents living in well-populated cities like Cincinnati, OH, should always take precautions before going on vacation. Remember, thieves and burglars look for easy access, so the more difficult it is to break into a home, the less attractive that house will be.

To learn more about proper window safety, contact Jack’s Glass, and have a safe vacation!

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